Tea Time

As self-declared queens of the midnight snack, we often wake up regretting the chocolate treats we snuck the night before. So lately we have been turning to decaffeinated teas as a way to satiate our evening sweet tooth.

Warm, cozy & peaceful are feelings we need more than ever these days and we imagine you may feel the same. Here is a quick round-up of our favorite - not so fancy bedtime teas right now. 

1. Classic and sweet, Lavender really does help you relax this simple Yogi tea can be found most everywhere. 

2. Ginger & Turmeric? Sign us up! Not only will this tea hit your sweet spot, the ginger will settle your tummy and help with digestion. 

3. Moroccan Mint has to be one of our very favorite treats... We love to have this in a tea lattee with almond milk.... Just trust us and order one next time you are at a coffee shop. HEAVEN.

4. When the sweet tooth is too strong you can bust out the Yogi caramel bedtime tea. With chamomile, skullcap and California poppy this tea will actually put you right to bed. 

How about that loose leaf tea? Are you in the market for a tea infuser? Don't worry, we found it. 

These are our easy to get, easy to brew cozy up teas, of course we have a dream fancy-can't-believe-its-real tea. 

Flowering tea has amazed us for years. so beautiful and so magical. The Art Of Tea has you covered with different flavor options. 

Relax, stay calm, skip the chocolate and drink some tea.