When I dip you dip you dip....


Can we pretend it's not one million degrees out in Southern California right now? Because our hearts are longing for fall! Sadly even though we are feeling nice hearty meals, it's too hot to spend all night in the kitchen and too hot to feel super full but a girl can only eat so many salads before she goes crazy. So we came up with the perfect solution to satisfy both our longing for Fall flavors and needing to have a light meal..... 

DIP FOR DINNER!! Yep, we found two amazing dips from our go-to-gal about vegan town the Minimalist Baker - These recipes are easy and delicious and will fill you right up... Add a cool glass of white wine and you are in business. 


Kale, white bean & artichoke dip

A few weeks ago I was heading to go see a Midland show with a group of friends and we met up at a girlfriends house to toast her birthday.... She had made this dip and let me tell you, it was the hit of the night. This weekend I made a double batch for another friends birthday party and again it was a super big hit. Go ahead and find an easier, vegan cheesier, dip to make- I dare you. Link in photo above for the recipe... If I can do it, anyone can do it.  


Packed with greens, proteins and nutritional yeast, this dip is healthy enough to excuse it's total decadence. My girlfriend topped it off with some Coconut bacon from the talented This Mess Is Ours and voila- Pure heaven. 


Chickpea Shawarma Dip

This week, I am testing out this bad boy and I couldn't be more excited! I am drooling just looking at this. Another gem from The Minimalist Baker this dip is full of healthy fats and fiber. The bonus are the crunchy chickpeas on top.... I'll make extra because those will be gone before I blink around my house. 


Check out The Minimalist Baker site for easy, quick, healthy recipes that will make you look like a WAY better chef then you really are. 

Let's all send out our best energy to try and bring an actual chill to the air. California needs some rain badly right now.