Is that a banana in your (n)ice cream? pt 2. Treats you & your kids will LOVE

Summer is filled with sun, sand and tons of fun...not to mention sweat, shuttling ourselves and families back and forth to playdates, beach days, camp, summer school and friends houses.  The gloriously warm days have us and our kids dreaming of ice cream sundaes and popsicles to cool us down and satisfy our sweet tooths in the golden heat.  

We love a sweet way to cool down after a long fun day in the sun but we also would love a less artificially colored and sweetened way to do so sometimes.  I mean look if you put a Big Stick or bubble gum ice cream in our paws consider it devoured but having a healthier alternative that our kids will love just as much has us really excited.  You may remember this post and the follow up is just as awesome....just don't tell your kids its's our little secret.

Things We Heart

Things We Heart

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites.  Yup...Made 18 yesterday...3 remain.  


  • Slice and freeze bananas for 15 minutes
  • Melt 6oz chocolate chips (we LOVE the Trader Joes brand) with 1 Tbsp vegetable oil of your choice
  • Dip frozen banana slices in melted chocolate with a fork to fully coat and place on a plate lined with wax paper.  Decorate and freeze.  I add peanut butter for a protein punch (the kids have no idea why...they just think its yummy)
  • DEVOUR and devilishly giggle to yourself because it's healthy and so satisfying


Ok yes we know that making your own fruit pops is nothing new but this new cute mold is a game changer.  Each pop is cute and tiny perfect for a quick refreshing sweet summer treat.  Best part? It's almost too small for messy drips.  Other best part?  Kids can have a few and think they are getting away with something :)


  • Cut fresh fruit
  • Blend
  • Put in molds 
  • Freeze
  • Done!

And this one is just for us!  The FROZÉ! 

 Head to this post for the recipe....tell them it's just moms lemon ice :)

Sweet and satisfying summer treats don't have to be filled with junk and guilt...and they are crazy easy (and fun) to make!  

Our fave   Wayne Mcara

Our fave Wayne Mcara

xoxo TWH

Stay cool