Wham bam thank you ma'am....Our favorite (FAST N EASY) dinners right now...

Between texting our gross snap chat faces to each other, photos of dream homes or rooms, our kids videos to one another, new Instagram finds, Zara picks but we some how find the time to forget what in the world to make for dinner!  It's a nightly struggle in our brains on what the F to make the kiddos and after work, errands, pickup, playing, homework (not to mention a few battles of the will...cleaning up the tornadoes they leave) when does dinner come into play and how do we get it made in time?  So we put together a short list of our faves right now that are fast, healthy and delicious for everyone to enjoy.  

Seven Picky Eaters

Seven Picky Eaters

P.S.  Funny enough our kids devour each one of these dinners.  As picky as they can be we picked these because they actually love them.

SUSHI-  Yup fancy pants city over here.  (not really its silly easy and fast to make!)

Here is the PERFECT sushi rice recipe for this!

Take the nori sheets (you can get on amazon if your local store doesn't have them) add the sticky rice and healthy veggies.  Wrap tightly and serve with tamari or any sauce they love.  Filled with vitamins, minerals, protein and great for you fatty acids.  Just don't tell your kids that.

TACO BOATS- A new fave around these parts

I went to home away from home, Target and saw these flat bottom tortilla shells and grabbed them.  They looked so much more fun than our normal folded ones.  

Fill those boats with beans, rice, avocado or anything you want!  I made seasoned Beyond Meat Chicken (vegan, packed with protein and insanely good) shredded it, and topped with refried beans, Daiya cheese, and avocado.  They loved it (after they used the boats to have a race and fling half of the toppings on the floor)!


JAPANESE NOODLES- Sorry for the name but the kids ask for these nightly so it stuck

Now this is just the name I gave them to get my kids to be excited about trying something new.  I figured if they think it's from an exotic, beautiful land they will be more inclined to try them.  And it worked!  They beg for these weekly.

Take rice noodles cook them, drain them and rinse them with cold water to keep them from sticking.  Stir fry tofu, edamame and any other vegetables with olive oil, sesame oil and garlic.  When you are satisfied with the taste coat them in tamari and teriyaki sauce.  Toss them in with the noodles and add more or the sauces to your liking.  Voila!


NACHOS- I have a feeling this will be added to our tiny revolving menu

From our dream woman  Minimalist Baker ...whose nachos are AMAZING BTW

From our dream woman Minimalist Baker...whose nachos are AMAZING BTW

We love this idea for a quick and easy dinner from the lovely and talented Laura O'dell.  Believe it or not as much as we LIVE for nachos and we make them quite frequently we never thought of doing them for a fast dinner.  

Laura piles these bean chips (ps they are amazing) high with black beans, guacamole (great good for you fat, protein and vitamins), vegan cheese, tomatoes and she hides sautéed spinach in between the stacks for to pack an extra vitamin punch!  


PASTA WITH RED SAUCE- The no brainer especially when made with quinoa pasta

Things We Heart

This is a staple in our homes.  A perfect addition to a 10 minute dinner.  We use quinoa and brown rice spaghetti, cook it and pour marinara sauce over it that we jazz up a bit to our families likings. And voila!  The kids are happy and we are stress free.  We both love to serve it with roasted or steamed broccoli. 

It's actually fun now to be able to eat with our kids and the same things.  I feel less like a short order cook.  Oh and there are way less dishes to wash so...score!   

What are your favorite dishes your kids LOVE?

xoxo TWH