Bye bye Trader Joes- To say goodbye we give you 3 secret recipes to save you time and money

Good bye favorite store on Earth.  The store that not only has the best and coolest items on their shelves, hates ALL GMO anything, caters to vegetarians and vegans alike, saves you a ton of cash but also gives their unused food to homeless and hungry shelters and gives their f/t employees health insurance.  So basically they are the perfect retail company.  

We will miss their Cherry Chocolate Soy Ice Cream, their fresh Japanese Rice Noodles, eating Speculoos by the jar and the endless samples of treats and coffee.  Thank you Trader Joes for years of happiness and wallet sparing trips.  And thank you for the endless supply of PEONIES! But what we will miss most is the jarred bruschetta.  The one item that has changed the game in our houses.

PS APRIL FOOLS!  Trader Joes is not closing!  It was a hoax gone totally wrong but this ode to the Bruschetta is absolutely still deserved. 

This.  Will.  Change.  Your.  Life. Ok, not life but your cooking. 

This.  Will.  Change.  Your.  Life. Ok, not life but your cooking. 

Over the past 6 months we have accidentally (and EASILY) created 3 of the most to die for, easy, fast, inexpensive and ridiculously satisfying dishes...ever.  Seriously ever.  Not only are they all of those things but they are all heathy and contain no dairy, meat, eggs or gluten.  Basically perfection.   Best of all...the whole family loves them.

These 3 recipes take only the items below (minus the salt, pepper and olive oil for cooking) all found exclusively at Trader Joes.  The Bruschetta is the game changer.  It will change it all.  People will ask you for the recipe every time you use it.

These 5 ingredients will give you 3 different and amazing recipes in 10 min or less. 

These 5 ingredients will give you 3 different and amazing recipes in 10 min or less. 

1. Melodious Blend (only lentils, tomatoes, green garbanzo beans and olive oil) & Bruschetta


Heat a pan with a few tablespoons of olive oil.  Throw in the Melodious Blend with salt pepper and heat through.  Add 3/4 jar of Bruschetta and VOILA!  The healthiest most incredible dish ever.  Seriously ever. Filled with protein, vitamins and fiber.  Zero sugar!

2. Organic Kale & White Beans & Bruschetta

Heat a deep pan with olive oil and a little minced garlic (also found at TJs) add kale, salt and pepper and sauté thoroughly until kale is wilted.  Add white beans and saute for a minute more.  Throw in a jar of Bruschetta and its done.  Filled with protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Zero Sugar!

3. Quinoa and Brown Rice Spaghetti & Bruschetta

Cook spaghetti as directed (7-9 min) drain and toss with 1 jar of Bruschetta.  Serve with a $1.99 french baguette.   Yup.  Insanity!

Even Waffles loves Trader Joes

Even Waffles loves Trader Joes

Trust us grab these items ASAP and eat your way to a bigger wallet and smaller waist.  

xoxo TWH