Coffee, Café, Caffe,!

So yes, this post is in honor of National Coffee Day and yes, this post is a day late.  And's because we are mom's.  Hard working, overtired, under nourished but totally happy and perfectly caffeinated moms.  We survive, like many of you, off of the left overs from our family, kisses and loads and loads of coffee.   

Even saying it makes our bodies perk up, our mouth water and mind excited.  To say we are coffee addicts us harsh but to say we are lovers of all that is coffee is totally agreeable.  The average coffee drinker spends over $1,000 a year on coffee drinks and that is if they only have a simple drink one time a day.  

This is not a lesson about coffee, it is not about the positive or negative effects of this gloriously deliciously roasted bean that gives us that much needed boost in the am and early pm hours.  This is an ode to our favorite (and easy) ways to make the silky brown liquid of love so you can  spend your hard working money on other things.

If you are not lucky enough to own your own espresso machine this is the post for you!  Throw away your old fashioned drip coffee maker (even if its one of those fancy ones) and grab one of these 2 easy to use coffee contraptions.  Not only are they easy but your coffee will NEVER taste better, never be easier to make and will save you a ton of cash.


I am a huge fan of the french press.  Years ago I was supposed to get a gorgeous copper espresso machine and when I never arrived I threw away my drip coffee maker and bought this Bodem french press and a good burr grinder.  It makes the smoothes most flavorful coffee in 3 minutes with no mess and no fuss.  Here is how to use it...

The Bodem Chambord is the one that all the coffee houses use when making french press so we figured its gotta be pretty good.  And it is.

Our other favorite and easy way is the Chemex drip method.  Coffee and hot water are poured into this stunning piece of art and slowly melt into each other making the most well rounded delicious cup you will ever have.  

Just pulling this special glass and wood coffee maker out will excited your senses and its really easy to use.

Another really popular method to make the smoothest, richest and lowest acidic coffee ever is the cold brew method.  This method takes 12 hours but creates a pure concentrated coffee that you store in the fridge and when you are ready to use it, you just add hot water to thick chilled coffee and voila...heaven.

If you recognize this store front from the most charming street you will ever visit then you know what I'm about to tell you....


Go Get Em Tiger (yup best name ever...and it's so encouraging too!) makes award winning coffee drinks.  Even the New York Times praises their drinks.  Yes...NY praising LA.  It happens rarely but when it does it is definitely earned.  GGET famous Almond Macadamia Milk will send you into a tizzy.  And into debt if you are addicted like every person with in driving range to the store.  So we found their tutorial with Cupcakes and Cashmere on how to make it at home!  

We love   C&C   and this milk!!!

We love C&C and this milk!!!

We also LOVE cashew milk in our coffee...its sweet and creamy nutty flavor is perfect with any cup.  And the best part?  Healthy!

Here are our 2 favorite brands of coffee to use.  Both are made with love and in small batches locally and both you can order online.

Heart Coffee

Here is the grinder of all grinders...  You need a good burr grinder for the best grind and flavor.

And here are more amazing ones.  We love the Bodem too!

How ever you drink your coffee try to make it at home.  Save yourself time, money and keep it local.  Unless you want another Starbucks on your corner :).