Snack attack- Alternatives to your kids favorite snacks for school or after school



I remember like it was yesterday,  sitting across from my best friend at the lunch table staring longingly at her snacks.  I looked into my bag and saw apple slices, a messy tupperware filled with natural mix it yourself unsalted peanut butter and a baggy filled cherrio-s (original, not the honey nut) mixed with raisins.  

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I am actually in complete gratitude about my lunches looking back.  I am so happy my mom was so health conscious and caring about the ingredients I put into my body.   (*side note-  I have an uncomfortable addiction to candy corn so that may or may not be a side effect of a non-oreo eating household and mom*)  I make amazing choices for myself as well as my family now as to what's on the table and in their snacks and lunches.  I do know that what I do now will forever mold their thoughts on food and impact on their little growing pressure or anything.

But it doesn't make it any easier for a kid at school drooling over their friends fun and incredible snacks while they peer into their bag filled with carrots and hummus.  So I would like to do a personal thank you to the snack gods and non-gmo, organic loving, non-hydrogenated, non-corn syrup  loving companies for helping our kids think they are getting the same snacks as their friends.  Que evil mom laugh.

Remember when those dipper snack came about?  The kind with the odd smelling "cheese" and dipper sticks?  Yup...loved them and coveted my friends.  Now peanut butter and pretzels snacks are the new dippers.

Enter Justin's almond butter or (yum) hazelnut gluten free dipper snack packs!  Yup now your gluten or peanut free kid can indulge in a little dipping.  Just teach them to recycle the packaging when its done ;)

Ahhhh Oreos...she types as she salivates.  That was a major bone of contention in my house growing up.   Those yummy sandwich crackers filled with who knows what, with an ingredient list a mile long were so fun and delicious! What a fun treat my friends had for the end of their lunches.   

Who knows?  If Newman's Own was around then maybe one if their sandwich cookie snack packs could have made its way into my decorated brown paper bag?!   Made with out any artificial ingredients or preservatives and using only organic sugars and flours, these better for you treats are just as good if not WAY better than the Oreos of our days.

Cheese.  It is just magical.  But horrible for our bodies, the animals and the planet.  So why is it so addictive?!?  Because they want it to be so we eat more and further damage the few things we can't afford and are not ours to destroy.   Whether your kid is lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy or vegan I am quite sure they wish they could have those cute cheese squares their friends are eating and stacking on the salty crackers.  Now they can!!

Enter Follow Your Heart,  the OG Gods of the vegetarian/vegan Earth loving community.  In the 70s they started this company to combat the principals of the big food companies selling chemicals and other scary foods for profits.  Their vision is still the same today, with a manufacturing plant run from solar power to a HUGE line of delicious foods made with organic non animal ingredients they are set to take over the way we buy food.

We picked up a few of their snack size American Cheese slices (dairy, casin and GMO and soy free) and our kids devour them in seconds.  They taste exactly like the alternative but we feel good knowing they are healthier and better for the planet and those living on it!   PS all of Follow Your Heart cheese are GAME CHANGERS in the cheese game.  They all melt, taste unbelievable and can trick even your biggest dairy lover!

What ever you pack for your kids snacks or lunches (or even your own) you can feel better knowing they aren't filled with chemicals and other questionable ingredients.  And they feel great knowing they aren't left out of the yummy snack game.


xoxo TWH