Greetings from inside my head!


I Want To Look Inside Your Head is a photograph by Juli Scalzi

So much of this year (since I am a mom, I count by school calendar) has been emotional and taxing. 

Not only in our personal lives but in the world around us at large, The mixture of devastating blows with uplifting and inspiring moments have made the past months a roller coaster.... Yes, we have a morally corrupt leader who legitimately not know what he's doing in office, yet never in all my life have I been so inspired by my peers drive and fire to stand up and fight against what they know is wrong and band together in the most awe-inspiring ways. 

I believe I have mentioned here, for me, emotionally this year is interesting because I have my youngest son in Kindergarten and my oldest son is now 3 months away from finishing elementary school altogether. This is one of those heartbreak mixed with pride moments that only a Mama can understand. How in the world do our babies grow up so fast? 

I was asking Erin last night.... Could I have postpartum depression 6 years after having my last baby? - Of course, I looked it up, you can actually have postnatal depression at least 4 years after having a baby, even without previous signs. 

What I really think is that the "baby blues" never really completely go away.... Every moment of our lives is dedicated to our children, even if I am not physically with them they are always in the foremost of my thoughts. Watching children grow up is both a source of tremendous pride and also somewhat like watching your favorite balloon float away. 



I am fortunate enough to be close with my boys, we have a wonderful and open relationship... I really consider my almost 11-year-old to be the best and most lively company, we have long meaningful talks and he knows he can say anything and ask me anything - 

What more could a Mama ask for as her child approaches young adulthood? But it is still scary, How do you mamas of teenagers not just live in constant fear?! The world is so scary! 

Maybe that's what the mama blues are, the nagging feeling like you can't protect your kids from everything in the world you want to protect them from.... They will have their hearts broken, they will be bullied and treated badly at some point, by someone, they will have accidents & make poor choices even though you've taught them better... Maybe it's just that scary unknown.

This school year is almost over, 3 months and counting until summer break! It went by so fast & I have a feeling once those long baby years are over, everything just flys by.  Ready or not. 






Golden Globes Best of the Golden Goddesses

K&J Forever

K&J Forever

It's finally here!  AWARD SEASON!  The only thing that can help us escape from the pending doom of Jan 20th and we couldn't be happier about starting it off with the Golden Globes.  If you are already a reader you know this is when we say our faves and not so much.  It feels weird to do the "not so much" category this year but hey... you gotta have a little Yang with your Yin right? 

There were SO many good dresses/suits (woo!) but not that many GREAT ones.  Sure they are all gorgeous women, with bodies of goddesses and skin of angels but that does not automatically mean great style.  So we say cheers to the great ones...the ones that took a chance

  • Blake Lively-  The hardest thing to dress is a body after a baby, let alone 2!  She did it with tremendous style in Atelier Versace
  • Caitriona Balfe- We are not familiar with Caitriona but after tonight we are obsessed with her and love this Delpozo dress
  • Chrissy Teigen- The glowing new mama in Marchesa has us smitten 
  • Drew Barrymore- This cutie stuns like a goddess in Monique Lhuillier
  • Emma Stone- WINNER! Breath taking jaw droopingly perfect in Valentino Haute Couture. GO PETRA!  (her stylist)
  • Kathryn Hahn- Love a woman in a tuxedo and she did it perfectly
  • Lily Collins- Like a perfect ballerina in Zuhair Murad Couture
  • Mandy Moore- Love her understated goddessness in Naeem Khan
  • Michelle Williams- Her quirky but beautiful dress by Louis Vuitton goes perfectly with her personality and the night
  • Winona Ryder- WELCOME BACK! We love her and this dark glamorous look by Viktor&Rolf
  • Zoe Saldana- Always perfect and always goes to her own beat this time in Gucci. Another perfect pick by Petra

And yes it's no fun to say this but we can't not!   SJP!  What's going on?  We adore you!  We j'adore your style, willingness to be different but what happened?  And why isn't Sir Gregory Arlt doing your makeup yet???  Love you!

But seriously...the Golden Globes are filled with talented women and men who have worked their entire careers to get into that room.  Who have excelled, gotten a lucky break (after a tremendous amount of work that is) and have not given up their love.  We love to watch life reward people for entertaining, teaching and letting us escape.  


Family Game Night!

As the nights get cooler and the dream of being cozy by the fire become a reality, we have some ideas for fun family game nights. Today we will share our top three family games with you. 

Because: even though we love a good movie night by the fire, sometimes as the kids get older, it is harder to get them talking about their day and we find a little board game distraction can end up giving them the time they need to open up about what is going on in their world. 


Who loved Jenga when they were little? The way you would feel so nervous that you would pull the wrong block and knock down the tower? Well, it is still a hold your breath fun game today and your kids are sure to love watching you topple it over! 

If you don't talk smack when you're playing Uno, you are missing half the fun! Last winter we had so many knock-down-drag-out-Uno games even my 5-year-old was pulling skip-a-turn cards on me! This game is easy enough the little ones can learn it and fun enough that you are all having a blast! 

Exquisit Corpse Game On  The Rumpus

Exquisit Corpse Game On The Rumpus

I grew up in a family of artists, and when I say artists, I mean ARTISTS.... Like our Easter Egg decorating contest was legendary and pretty much every family activity revolved around drawing, painting or doodling. We had a huge basket of colored pencils on the kitchen table at all times. 

Of course, for years I thought my father made this game up because we have p;ayed it as long as I can remember. We called it Creature Creator, but as my siblings and I got older, we discovered that other people play this game as well and it is actually called- "The Exquisite Corpse" A name I just can't get behind. 

Nevertheless, the rules are simple, and it is a great game for large groups! Just fold a bunch of pieces of paper like shown in the diagram above. (We fold before we draw)  if it helps, you can number the sections with a small 1,2,3 in erasable pencil. 

Then you pass a paper to every player.....

1. Each player draws a head and neck in the top section of the folded paper, any sort of head you want. The more detail the better! Make sure you make little notch marks where the neck ends at the very tip of the next section, this way the next person knows where to start their drawing. Fold your head back and hand it to the person at your left. 

2. Make sure you are not looking at the artwork you were just handed! Now you draw a torso from the neck to the waist or belt buckle! Don't forget the arms and hands! Add a lot of detail to your drawing and then make little notch marks where the waist ends onto the next section, fold your artwork back and hand it to the person across the table from you. You want to get a mix of artists on each paper.

3. Draw the final section which should be the bottom half of a body... Legs, knees, feet! Sky's the limit! Mermaid tails! Octopus tentacles!  Ballerina's feet! 

4. When everyone is finished you go around the table taking turns unfolding your paper and showing the amazing creature you have created! Another fun aspect is to try and guess who made what section! 

Whatever games you all play, remember to disconnect from all the screens in your life sometimes for some good old fashioned family fun! 


Vote. It's your right, your duty, your voice, your power.


There are 12 days left until the general election.  12 days to do your civic and global duty as a citizen and human being to study, get informed and make your voice heard.  12 days to exercise your rights, rights we are darn lucky to have.  Rights billions of other humans across the world pray they had.  Do not take this right for granted.  Do not let apathy or confusion get in your way.

We have heard "it's rigged", "your voice doesn't count", etc... But nothing is a bigger LIE than that.  We are lucky enough to have a system (perfect? No. But as fair as it gets? Yes)  This man who called it rigged is scared, is an ego maniac and has decided, like a spoiled brat, that it is rigged only if he doesn't win.  But what his smoke screen of a campaign isn't telling you is that not only is it not rigged but transparent.  Lawyers and investigators spent MONTHS and YEARS investigating voter fraud and out of BILLIONS of people they came up with enough to fill one hands fingers.  And they found it wasn't fraud at all.  There was no conspiracy, no mass election rigging.   It was a few people in a certain party hoping that if you felt like your voice didn't matter, that you wouldn't vote.   But we digress....  Your voice counts, your opinion matters.  If you do not vote you are simply giving in to conspiracy and lies.  You are giving the other side a vote.   Now you obviously know we are not voting for Donald Trump.  But, we are voting and we are here to say, no matter who you want to win..Independent, Democrat, Republican, Green etc... just vote.  

See the power we have ladies???

See the power we have ladies???

You want to shake it up?  Don't vote for either big party...use your voice to let them know you want them to do better but you have to vote.  Just use your power.  

The most intimidating part about voting are the Ballot Measures.  The massive amounts of commercials on TV paid for people trying to sway your vote is enough to drive anyone crazy but we are here to help clear it up a bit.   But before we break the measures down here at home,  a helpful hint is, when seeing these confusing ads on TV,  always look at who paid for them at the end of the commercial.  You will then get to see what the real deal is.   Like if an anti smoking bill comes out but is paid for by big tobacco then you know to vote against them...

Ok... here we go!  ***We will not put our personal bias in here...just facts so you can feel free and un-judged to vote exactly how you want to ***. UPDATE!  We wanted to help everyone understand the ballot issues to help it be less confusing but have learned that every state has their own measures.  There are no nationwide issues.  BUT if you want to know how we are voting just ask!  We have our California measures broken down and ready to go if you need help deciphering.

Here are the top reasons your voice needs to be heard.  You don't have a right to complain if you don't exercise your right to vote!  (taken from Refinery29)

1. FOREIGN POLICY- terrorizm/national security
2. ABORTION RIGHTS- access to them before 12 weeks or outlawing them
3. GUN LAWS- ammunition/firearm/background checks
4. EQUAL PAY FOR WOMAN- yes this is still happening
6. CLIMATE CHANGE- yes this is real any one who makes you second guess it is in bed with corporations
10. CAMPUS SEXUAL ASSAULT- f u brock turner

Feel the power.  Your power.  

Just one of the things at stake in this election...YOUR BODY

Just one of the things at stake in this election...YOUR BODY

"One person can make a difference, but everyone should try." -JFK

Vote....for yourself, your body, your family, OUR future.

xoxo TWH

What about your friends?

It may be that we are having our return of Saturn, or it may be because we have had what you could call an eye-opening year, these days more than ever, we are aware how precious a gift friendship can be. 

Friendship is a funny thing, when you are young every stranger is someone who can be a new friend. Freedom and youth leave you open to new experiences and new people and it just feels like the world is your oyster. So many people, so many friends! 

Thank heaven for those moments because some of those people you meet when you're young and fresh stick with you for a lifetime. Through bad hairdos and embarrassing teenage boyfriends, they are by your side through drunken nights and heartbreaks...

As you get older and start to have kids, your circle starts to get a little tighter and you become a little wiser.

I always remember this quote that struck me as so important. It's from one of my oldest friend's mom. We were at lunch and since my friend was about to have his first baby and I am an old pro, we were talking about how you meet so many new friends and people once you become a parent, how your life gets so busy and filled up with all this endless wave new people and she said.

"At my age, a new friend has to go through a pretty intensive vetting process. I only have so much time in my day I want to spend it with people I can connect with, that I truly love and care about." 

Think about that for a minute, really think about how true it is for all of us.  

By the time you are a mom, you have usually been burned a time or two by someone you thought was a friend and even though that can really hurt, or really piss you off depending on the person and the circumstances.... When you have children you don't have any time or energy for people who don't make your life healthy and full and fun. There is something really nice about knowing yourself enough to know what you're not interested in. 

We will never be the "No new friends" type of people. Because we are always so elated and excited when we find a soul that we connect with. It feels pretty good to be able to know a true friend when you meet one.

So, today we say thank you to our friends... The old, the new and the ones we lost touch with along the way. Thank you to the people who we know would be there at the drop of a hat for us if we needed them. We love you. 

Excuse us for using our platform to get all mushy... But call your BFF and tell them you love them today.