Rest In Peace Garry Marshall.

Writer.  Director.  Actor.  Father.  Husband.  

Writer.  Director.  Actor.  Father.  Husband.  

He held all of the secrets in his smile.  This man, this legend, this hollywood heavyweight is now that of the stars.  Even though he left this earth he has left behind him a humongous library of generational gap closing, long nights watching, days of laughing, weeks of crying, and a lifetime of fans with his body of work.  

Countless stars and studios owe their careers to this man.  He created some of the most timeless and favorite TV shows and movies of all time.  We are so grateful to him for helping shape our lives with his work.  So happy we got to enjoy his gift.  So many of our conversations are centered around his body of work...our dream movie nights together involve watching his movies.  Our memories watching his TV shows with our families.  He was a gift. 

Here is a small tidbit of his career... and this small taste of his career was a huge piece of our lives and shaped part of our childhoods.


  • The Odd Couple
  • Happy Days
  • Mork & Mindy
  • Laverne & Shirley
  • Joanie Love Chachie
  • The Flamingo Kid
  • Overboard
  • Beaches
  • Pretty Woman
  • Frankie & Johnny
  • The Other Sister
  • Runaway Bride
  • Princess Diaries
  • Raising Helen
  • Valentines Day (yup saw it a few times because it was from Garry)


Thank you Garry for the smiles, tears, laughter, and entertaining us for years.  May your family and friends and fans alike find peace in your smile and legacy. 


May your effervescent smile light our skies as you are now part of the stars in the galaxy.  Thank you Garry.  Thank you.  Nanu Nanu

In the education of the American people, I am Recess.- Garry Marshall

Hold me closer tiny dancer...



A month ago I had 1 month...2 weeks ago it was still 2 weeks away...4 days ago I had 4 more days to savor my baby a little longer.  And now tonight is the night before she goes off to her first day at preschool.   It may sound dramatic to some and even like it's not a big deal to others but to me it's huge.  It's huge for many reasons in Saffron's and my lives....  

Things We Heart

Things We Heart

The past 2 weeks have been filled with milestones in our house.  From potty learning to finding her dangling off the edge of her crib at 4am a few days ago and then today packing up for her first day at preschool.  Our baby is no longer a baby and she is screaming it out for us to hear.  Her beautiful independence is developing so quickly it feels like lightning bolts in my heart.  It is all we could ask for, a brave, sweet, independent why is it so hard on my heart?

I feel like my heart is holding a thousand pounds of emotion.  I am so proud of my little one ready to become an official kid,  ready to climb that ladder to the slide with out me cheering for her at the bottom, ready to eat snacks at a table of new friends (most she has never seen before even after our many trips dropping her big sister off) and ready to grow her little wings.  

But the heaviness comes from knowing that each moment that passes, she is that much bigger, she's a little bit older, so tonight in my silly helicopter mom heartache I am reminded... to sniff her sweet scent deeper when I put her night night and hug her tighter than ever before when she wakes up in the morning.  It reminds me that the crazy love Tony and I give her will only make her roots stronger and wings bigger.  My sweet and spicy bunny is my baby but no longer a baby at all.  Will she be scared?  Will she wonder why I am not right around the corner of the swing set ready to jump out and surprise her?  Will she eat her snacks?  Will she understand that I will be right back to pick her up?  Even though I went through this with Coco the fears and guilt are still the same if not more because she is my last baby and I am holding to that really tightly.  I want to enjoy every moment of their sweet lives...even the hard ones. 

I know she will have the best time making messes, playing endlessly and learning more than I could ever imagine but it is me that needs the reminder that "mommy will be right back"  I will have a few extra moments in my day for just me.  What do I do with that?  What do I do every other day with out my side kick?  Do I go to Target by myself or wait for Thursday when she is not in school?  Should I still exercise around the reservoir with out her or wait?  Yes, these are things I think about.  I find myself planning my trips to Trader Joes when both girls are home just so I can have more moments with them.  As maddening as it can be grocery shopping with 2 little ones it is a joy too.  Because one day they wont want to go with me just as I didn't with my mom.

I can not stop time, I can not make them stay little but I try.  I wish I had last week back when I got upset and raised my voice so much she cried so I could undo it,  I wish I slept with her longer tonight instead of just long enough for her to fall asleep.  But I can fall asleep knowing these girls know we love them beyond imagine, around the moon and back again through the sun and past the stars.  

As silly as it is to put this much weight on a small thing like preschool, for me, it is just another reminder about how fast time goes.  I remember Coco's first day.  The feelings I had were exactly the same as I have tonight...and I look at Coco's sweet face now and the baby is gone and in its place is a spectacular girl filled with vibrancy and sweetness.  I am so happy to see who she is now and a glimpse of who she will become and I know it will be the same with Saffron but tonight I can not seem to wrap my head around it.  So I will remind myself to snuggle her tight in the morning, be the brave mom she mirrors and know the journey only gets more beautiful.   I will remember roots and wings and she's got strong ones.  I find smiles in my heart thinking about how lucky I am to have Saffron and Coco in the same school for a few months. My chest bursts open watching Coco prep her baby sister for such a momentous day.  "I got you Saffs, it's you and me.  My teachers will let me be with you and show you around and then mommy will pick us up"  Tears stream down my face typing that.  What a lucky family we are.  Roots and Wings...we got this

xoxo TWH

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to... (super long...super personal post warning)

Today is the day.  The day that has made me go into a weird, almost pouty and depressed state since I was is my birthday.  A day when I should be running around in my undies with a crown of flowers on my head screaming "its my birthday everyone!  buy me cake!"  but instead I shut down, pretend it is not happening and wish it away.  If you know me, I am generally a really happy sunshiney person by nature.  I can usually find the good in things, know that everything is going to be ok and that because I put good in the universe I will get good back (not physically).

So why do birthdays get me so kookoo....Why?  I ask myself this every year and every year it's the same answer... "Because this is not where you were supposed to be at ** years old. You had so much going for you and you didn't do any of it."  But this year something changed...this year another voice yelled at me through the fog of that cranky little guy on throwing daggers at my heart while sitting on my shoulder.  This was the voice of reality.  This was the voice of my dad.  Even though he passed away 10 years ago he is still very much with me every day.  He was tough on me if I didn't do my best or push myself but he was also my biggest fan.  This year he was tough on me for a different reason.  Not because I didn't try my best (and sadly I haven't lately...sorry dad) but because I can't see myself for what I really am.  So today, while I was protesting getting older, squeezing the fat around my stomach and thighs, feverishly figuring out how everyone seems to be aging backwards except for me (they are's called injections and lasers... that actually makes me feel better about my "rainbows of memories" creeping in around my eyes) I heard his voice, took a breath and decided to listen.  Here is what I found out when I stopped beating myself up...

I am a mother...and a damn great one.  I love my kids passionately to eternity.  I am a proud helicopter mom who hates to travel with out them, cooks for them daily, plays, colors and sleeps with them.  I am an amazing wife....I love my husband more than life and I show him daily with kisses, support and companionship to no end.  I am a great friend and confidant.  My friends ARE my family and my family are my friends.  I think about and work on TWH daily, going through a house renovation, try to make sure every one of my friends knows they are loved, work on side projects with my husband and all the while try to still be true to myself.  So why do I still beat myself up for not opening the store I have been DYING to open for years, why do I still miss acting and want to curl up in the fetal position when I think about the years I could have kept dancing?  Why?  Because I am a woman...and I constantly think I could be more.  But why am I not enough for myself?  

I am... I am more than enough.  I may not be where I "planned" to be so many years ago but I am in a much more important, less vain place.  Yes, I for sure am still vain about certain things but I am not living my life in selfish vanity (which is SO praised these days it makes my heart sink).  I may not be "successful" in terms of money or recognition amongst my peers but I am wildly successful in life. I have made choices that got me here.  I CHOSE not to let the bad boys break my heart anymore, I CHOSE to date a nice guy instead of sabotage it.  I chose to bring my spectacularly silly and sweet children into this world and raise them to be part of a better future.  I chose to quit acting when I became pregnant with Coco so she couldn't ever see me desperate or insecure about my looks.  I chose not to put Saffron into preschool early or have our babysitter come more often so I could open my dream store, but instead I chose to be with her and watch her grow so I wouldn't miss a moment.  I chose my life and I am proud of where I am.  This birthday I am vowing to not let social media or pressures make me feel less than.  I will embrace my mom boobs (as much as I can even if i have to buy that weird tape stuff in the Target lingerie section that holds them up).  I will fix what I can on myself and embrace or ignore what I can't.  I will show my girls what a strong, hard working and positive woman is and love me for who I chose to be. 

I may not be where I thought I would be in my 30s but I am somewhere much more amazing.  Much deeper and bigger than that young girl could have imagined.  I am really lucky for today I will not look in the mirror and cry but I will make "strong arms" and blow my self a kiss for the amazing journey I am on and the insane life I have already lived.   I will be the best ME I can be.

Happy birthday everyone.  May you always remember how far you have come.  And that EVERYTHING you see in social media and those silly gossip shows that makes you feel less than are usually fake or really distorted.  You are amazing, you are enough, you are beautiful.

xoxo twh

PS Sorry for the self indulgent post!

Au natural- Organic Cotton Tampons

Every month or every other it happens.  The cravings, the puff, the "what the F is going on and who the F do you think you are" time comes.  And every month we are almost shocked by it.  One of us texts the other complaining about how we can't stop eating or getting upset and the other one says, "Are you getting your period?  I just had mine" and just like that we feel calm.  Until we realize the one thing we have been using to protect our favorite undies (just kidding we have period undies) is the same thing thats poisoning us.  

Yup.  Tampons are poison.  Sorry we don't mean to be dramatic but today's top tampon brands are filled with chemicals, pesticides and toxins.  And the craziest part?  Tampon companies are self regulated meaning they do self testing on their products.  Um no you are going to use chemical bleach to make them whiter, rayon which is a synthetic un-breathable fiber and contains dioxin.  Let's get this straight, we are inserting, into the most prized and delicate thing on our bodies, chemicals and poisons and the government isn't regulating it?  No thanks!  

Cut to the top 5 organic 100% cotton tampons on the market.  We have tried most of them and they do the job exactly like the others only without the toxins, glue, rayon, earth harming plastics and cancer fear.

Seventh Gen  - 20 for $5.47 //    Kali-   10 (plus wipes) for $25 //    Natra  //    Lola-   18 for $10  //    Honest  -16 for $6.95

Seventh Gen- 20 for $5.47 //  Kali- 10 (plus wipes) for $25 //  Natra//  Lola- 18 for $10  //  Honest-16 for $6.95

Kali, Honest and Lola are all subscription based.  So if amazing packaging (guilty!), laziness or discretion, and the love of getting a delivery are your thing these are the ones for you!  Kali even comes with a cleansing wipe for those not so fresh moments.  Who me?!?!  But if paying a premium isn't in the cards, and seriously do we need to spend a fortune on these bad boys, then your local store should have one of the other options.  Or call our best friend Amazon and they will send some your way.  (We have linked to where to buy any of these in the caption above)

Now if you still aren't cool after all of this inserting things into your body with risk of TSS or other bacterias, a family member (yuppie not a hippie) swears by the Diva cup.  She gave me one and I still haven't used it but after reading all of this i really want to.  Unsure of how exactly I will be able to sit down with it in 

Better for your body, the environment and you can even have S-E-X with them in! 

Better for your body, the environment and you can even have S-E-X with them in! 

Here are a few precautions to always take when using tampons..even the organic ones from

Precautions to reduce risks when using tampons:

  • Change tampons every 4-6 hours.
  • Alternate with pads as often as possible.
  • Always use lowest absorbency for your flow.
  • Avoid rayon brands: Tampax, Playtex, Kotex.  (SEND A MESSAGE TO THE BIG CORPS)
  • Opt for cotton brands.
  • Do not use tampons when not menstruating.  (UM YEAH THANKS FOR THAT)
  • Do not use tampons with light flow or spotting.
  • Do not use tampons overnight while sleeping.  (I DO THIS!  Oh no!)
  • Do not use tampons with a vaginal infection.
  • Wash hands before inserting or removing tampons.  (ALWAYS OR BACTERIA GETS UP THERE)
  • Store your tampons away in a clean dry place.  (THEY ARE GREAT HOMES FOR MOLD)
  • Learn about tampon health risks in more detail.
  • Check for mold or dirt on the tampon before use.
  • Consider safer options like menstrual cups or pads.  (SEE ABOVE)

Happy period... Hey if we could we would curl up with you, Netflix, wine and chocolate so don't get mad at us :)  Love you!

xoxo TWH

A few things...

Audrey Kawasaki  -  You will forever be a favorite obsession

Audrey Kawasaki-  You will forever be a favorite obsession

If you are new to Things We Heart, welcome!  If not, then you already know a little bit about our newest column, A Few Things.  

A few things is a look inside our brains, hearts and spirits to see what we are loving at this moment.  Things we are obsessing over, pining for, dreaming about or just something that sends our spirits soaring.  

In this weeks edition of AFT we are all over the place from our bellies to fashion to decor.   But the funny thing is we must be dreaming of the crisp air of fall to hit us because our picks are all about inviting warmth.

Miyoko's Creamery.  The diamond standard for all non-dairy cheeses.

Miyoko's Creamery.  The diamond standard for all non-dairy cheeses.

Whether you eat non-dairy cheese because you are vegan, want to save the planet, allergic to animal dairy or just like the way non dairy tastes and feels you will kiss us again and again after trying Miyoko's Creamery cheeses.  You will never have a more decadent, creamy, obsession worthy, taste explosion than her plant based cheeses.   They are all hand made with love, compassion and culinary art.   

We have given her cheese to anti-vegan friends/family and they were LITERALLY licking the wrapping after the cheese was devoured.  

Her message is save the world one person at a time through compassion and better food choices.   She became a chef after her mom forced her to make her own food as a teenager and fell in love with the idea of plant based food.   You will never miss the richness, texture and flavor of dairy cheese ever again!

Her Winter French Style Truffle is stuff dreams are made of.

Her Winter French Style Truffle is stuff dreams are made of.

They ship all over and select retailers carry her products.  When we can't wait for our shipment we make a (very short) pilgramage to our favorite boutique grocery store, Organix LA


Once upon a time (a few weeks ago) a certain jinxy and myself came across the most gorgeous Milliner, Gladys Tamez.  We both tagged each other in posts we found about her amazing Zodiac Hats.   We had never seen anything like them.  Beautifully created, delicately detailed but more stylish than imaginable. 

Her  instagram  will make you go into virtual debt!  The Zodiac Collection.

Her instagram will make you go into virtual debt!  The Zodiac Collection.

Gladys became obsessed with being a milliner when she visited a 4th generation milliner in Spain.  She fell in love with the craftsman ship and delicate designs.   Her own work embodies that of the past generations of hat makers.  Each is hand made to order with love and care.  Dear Santa....


We have pinned this gorgeous yet inviting room over and over again.   

We have pinned this gorgeous yet inviting room over and over again.   

The designs worth a thousand pins.  There is no doubt you have pinned or seen these images again and again on the web.  They are that of the incredible designer, Tamara Kaye-Honey.  

The gorgeous store front of HoH before it was cool to do all black.

The gorgeous store front of HoH before it was cool to do all black.

We discovered Honey not after our 104th pin of her rooms but after driving by the coolest store in the most random place called House of Honey.  We got honks from drivers behind us because we couldn't take our eyes off of the amazing all black store with white life-size (faux) sheep in the windows.  

Hello dream space!   You are being pinned right now!

Hello dream space!   You are being pinned right now!

Honey got her degree in fashion and merchandising at FIT and quickly became a clothing buyer for Bergdorff's.  You can see her love of fashion in her work.  It is tailored and edited at the same time as being eclectic and opulent.  Never sparse but totally modern and timeless at the same time.  Yup that is possible.  She never follows the trends but instead seeks to create spaces that stand the test of time.     Her retail stores are just as gorgeous as her designs.  


Click here and here for past AFT stories

A Few Things.  This is everything.  No words can describe the way it feels to have your kids watch their parents do what they do best.  This moment will last forever.  

A Few Things.  This is everything.  No words can describe the way it feels to have your kids watch their parents do what they do best.  This moment will last forever.  

Let them be little...please

The other day a girlfriend/mom-friend of mine sent me pics of our now 4.5 year old bunnies, at 18 months.  They were enjoying a tea party all chunky and sweet with chubby feet barely brushing the floor from their tiny chairs.

 My heart cracked, broke and tears welled up.  Where did the time go?  How in the world did 3 years just flash by? Now the once smooshy and chunky bunny stands with long legs at 3/4 of my body, asking questions about the world and how she could make it better.  My response?  "Just by you being in it makes it better"

How long will my sweet, yet, honest answers be accepted into their hearts?  How long will a kiss to make a booboo better work?  How long can I give a them a bath just for fun?  

As my friend sensed my tears she said, "The days seem forever but the years so short".  What a perfect thing to say.  It is so true.  

Sometimes (a lot) the madness of life takes over and makes the days seem endless making me dream of sundown and a nice rosé. Then the guilt sets in..."Why didn't i just enjoy?"  "Why was I in such a rush to finish the day because tomorrow they are older."  "I miss them already, why didn't I relax and let them have 5 more minutes of playtime? Because soon they won't want me to put them to bed" 

As moms we are constantly being asked things like "Are they crawling yet, walking yet, talking yet?"  And we are constantly comparing our little ones to the others fearing that they are not as advanced as they should be or just wishing they would crawl/walk/talk to make life "easier".  But its not easier, its just a new kind of amazing.  A whole new adventure watching them turn into the wonderful people they are.  And then we miss the squish, the midnight wake ups, the smell that only babies have.  We can't wait for the next phase but end up missing what we just went through.

So why are we in such a rush?  When it all goes so fast and we miss it, why do we need them to be bigger?  Being little is such a gift.  The innocence and wonderment.  The "wows" at a simple cloud.  The magic of seeing the world through those tiny eyes is so special, why do we push it go move faster?

I know my last baby is my last and I am relishing in each moment I can.  Instead of pushing her to do this do that, I am making sure I stop to enjoy the sweetness, the moments where a simple ear pull that makes my tongue stick out is so hilarious it incites belly laughs.  

It goes by so fast, why are we all in a rush to make it faster and then miss the moments we once had? Because are human.

If you need a few reminders to let them be little like us here are a few cute ones we found

one/ two/ three/ four/

Life goes so fast...let's all pump the breaks and look at our feet to remember where we are in this moment and enjoy.

xoxo TWH