Smmmmmooooothh (ie)

If there is one thing I think we can all agree upon its yummy shakes... they are basically dessert that need no hands!  So when smoothies came on the scene in the form of Jamba Juice and Robecks our hearts were a flutter (ok, our stomachs).  I mean...a "healthy" smoothie??!  Oh wait..what?  They have 50-80 grams of sugar, frozen yogurt (thats dessert people...yogurt is filled with sugar and dairy is horrible for us, our skin, bodies, digestion, and especially the planet and cows) and 500-1500 calories?!?!?!   

So we curtailed our love for blended fruits and veggies for years until we realized... we are smarter and more awesome then just giving up... lets blend our own!   (and it doesn't hurt that we got a Vitamix and a Nutribullet Rx...makes it easier and faster)

Here are a few of our all time (and believe it or not our KIDS) favorite recipes!  Made with nothing artificial...nothing filled with the white devil ...aka sugar.  Just whole fruits, vegetables, nut butters and a few other incredible ingredients from this gorgeous planet we all love.  

The Greena Colada is hands down the most refreshing heathy smooovie we have ever had and its insanely filling.  We have lovingly adapted this recipe from the awesomely famous Punch Bowl bar... (you can order the Coco Special from the owner and he will serve one up to you) 

1 handfull of kale (frozen or fresh)

1/2 avocado

1/2-3/4 cup frozen pineapple

Coconut h2o

1/2 lime squeezed for the juice

*hint- we love to add hemp seeds and after workouts some rice protein powder)

Directions-  blend and watch your waistline shrink, your skin glow and your tummy be happy!


Breakfast in a glass smoothie- perfect for breakfast or after workout smoothie

1 frozen banana (if not frozen just add some ice to keep the drink cold)

1 cup non dairy milk-  we love almond, soy or coconut

2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter-  the kind you have to mix with no additives

1/4 oatmeal  (uncooked "flakes")

1 tablespoons of chia seeds (get at any market now!)

Directions-  blend away and enjoy your day!


Dessert all day smoothie

Take the Breakfast In A Glass smoothie from above,  add unsweetened cocoa powder (not hot chocolate :) )  and a date and if you have hemp seeds lying around (trader joes now sells them for a deal!...Blend and  voila!  You may never want a banana split again!  Ok you will but this is seriously rockin!


Rasberry Buuurre

Bye Bye sherbet...hello amazing!

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

1/2 cup  frozen strawberries & blueberries

1 banana 

1 1/2 cup coconut h20

1 scoop vanilla rice protein powder (or leave out for a summer refresher if you don't want protein)

And a couple we are dying to try!

Tumeric n' Mango


Over the weekend our readers gave us a ton of great ideas for add ins and here is a list of our faves...

- Coconut Oil

- Cacao




And a super cute printable for all things smoothie...

Your challenge is to make each one of these and let us know what you think!  

PS If you please, pass TWH on to the ones you like and love!  thanks!



Happy New Year!

Nothing like a little hangover (the sleep deprived or alcohol kind) to ring in the new year.  But have no fear..  as always we are here to help!   

Here are a few things to make your new years day or days after easier to deal with...

So lets tackle that terrible feeling you have all over... this is a 4 step plan-

1.  Eat 

2. Hydrate

3. Relax

4. Replenish

1.  Eat!  Our hands on research has shown that nothing helps a hangover like a big plate of salty french dig in!   Trader Joes,  Whole Foods and Sprouts all have yummy frozen versions.  Pop in the toaster or oven, sprinkle with salt and voila!   Plus they are vegan and gluten free! 

2.  Hydrate!   Water is great but raw coconut water is divine!  Filled with electrolytes and antioxidants your dehydration will get its ass kicked...oh and our favorite brand?   Harmless Harvest...its incredible and every few bottles you may get lucky enough to score a naturally pink one!  

3. Relax!  Nothing helps total hangover helplessness on New Years Day like kicking back with your friends, family or pets.  And while you are all warm and fuzzy from the thought of a clean slate, why don't you add "get inspired" to that resolution list.  By the end of this movie, you will never say "I can't" or "I give up" or "They were born lucky" ever again.  Please do yourself a favor and watch or rewatch The Pursuit of Happiness or catch up on the Golden Globe nominees from this list.    You're welcome

4.  Replenish!  If you are in LA and you have gone to Punch Bowl LA then you are already nodding your head as you read this.  Yes, everyone is on the Juice craze but we have NEVER EVER believed in it more then when we go to Punch Bowl in Los Feliz.   Not only do they make insanely healthy smoothies (Raw, Organic, Vegan) but they are out of this world delicious.  Our fave?  The Greena Colada!  Often called "The Coco Special"  Since you can't get there right now, we will help you recreate it as best we can.

         Blend together these...drink...enjoy and instantly feel better and healthy

                 1/2 avocado, handful of kale, frozen pineapple, coconut h2o.  

Now you can't possibly eat fries, hydrate or cuddle with out a great pair of Pjs.  We are OBSESSED with these cutes from Free People...might need these ASAP for our Sundance Ski Vacay coming up. 

And if you have no choice but to leave the house (hopefully its just to pick up a pizza or fonuts) throw on these great shades by Komono.  Great price and incredible styles.

Now go out there and have an AMAZING NEW YEAR!!!


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Love and peace and prosperity in 2015

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