A few things....

Love these serving boards of marble and wood from   Terrain  .

Love these serving boards of marble and wood from Terrain.

Welcome to our newest column, A Few Things!  A Few Things is where we will share our favorite things at the moment, whether they are vibes, clothes, ideas, food or fun things to do.  Get a closer look into what makes us happy in this moment.

We hope everyone had a beautiful memorial day with friends or family or just with yourselves reflecting on such an important day. 

Borrowed from the magnificent   Gregory Arlt

Borrowed from the magnificent Gregory Arlt

We are (like most people) still soaking up every moment of peony season!  With our bi-weekly trips to Trader Joes we can't get enough!  Love how these bright pink ones look in my Jonathan Adler vase this year.

 I usually put them in an opaque white or black vase but the pop of color brightens up the kitchen nicely.  

This season brought us many short denim jumpsuits.  (or should I say this season I brought my closet so many)  They are the cool version on their tight 70s cousin and last seasons overalls.  So far we have 3 in the closet and that number is growing!  

This Zara one is our newest addition.  Its perfect with heels or gladiators. 

Crystals used as dining decor.  We are both obsessed with crystals and have been since high school.  They are scattered and also hidden all over our houses.  Every console, dresser, shelf and nook houses a beautiful gift from the Earth.  Each crystal is as gorgeous and it is healing.


 A couple of weeks ago I threw an impromptu lunch and had nothing to put on the dining table so I gathered a few crystals lying around and a couple of baby succulents I received and voila...a simple yet chic table scape. 

Ignore the wrinkled runner!  We did say impromptu :)

Ignore the wrinkled runner!  We did say impromptu :)

Stay tuned for more posts of A Few Things for glimpses into our world again.  

xoxo TWH

Ode to the peony

There is quite possibly no other flower in the world that has has many people in a sweet, springtime panic like the peony.

 It is the only flower that can shut instagram down upon its first arrival and has more posts and hashtags dedicated to it than a pumpkin at fall, a pool at summer and a snow storm in winter.  Trader Joes has actual stampedes for this delicate and awe inspiring bloom. They can't keep it in stock and only have it for a couple of weeks.   

It has the power to illicit love, envy, happiness and pure obsession.  

It resembles a ballerinas tutu and smells like a newborn baby who was rolled in powdered sugar.  It can elevate any room, bouquet and relationship :) 

Florists can charge up to $20 per stem for these elegant cotton candy colored beauties and trying to grow them is just as difficult as trying to trying to rebloom an orchid plant. 


For my baby shower a certain Jinx decorated with these HUGE crepe paper flowers by artist Tiffanie Turner that still hangs in Saffron's room.  So delicate and lifelike these stunners are pieces of art!  

Tiffanie Turner also collaborated with Simone Truong on the most gorgeous peony prints you will ever see. Available on Tiffanies etsy store.

Tiffanie and Simones prints available   here

Tiffanie and Simones prints available here

Here's a great tutorial on how to make your own paper peonies that can last you all year long!


We don't know just what it is about this perfect and dreamy bloom but what ever it is, we can't get enough.  

Buy yourself a full plant and grow your own!

Until then sweet peony....we will dream of you fondly and burn this candle in your honor.


Jo Malone Peony & Suede

Jo Malone Peony & Suede

xoxo twh