Give.  Be kind.  Be generous.  Be love.  If we all were one of those today and changed someones day, can you imagine if we were all of those?   

When we had kids there were a few things we promised we would teach our kids that would stay with them forever and have a major impact on our future world and one of those was kindness.  Kindness to all and everything.  Don't step on bugs it hurts them, don't chase scares them, don't forget how lucky we are and don't ignore people who need you.

During the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the Holiday season it is so very easy to get caught up.  It's kind of what the season has!  

But let's take back what the season was and is supposed to be and change the future for our kids.    Let's get back to snuggling, cuddling, baking and most  

If you are reading this then you are lucky.  Lucky to have a phone, or computer or a warm place to read this.  Never feel guilty for "having" but lucky.   When I walk or drive around with my kids we always try to give to those who need it.  Money, food, spare jackets in my trunk, or just eye contact and a simple hello.   And the one question that is asked is "Why did you do that mama?"   My answer is always the same,  "Because we are lucky and they needed help.  Always help those who need it, people or animals"    Let's all be more aware of those things around us,  spread love through food, donations or just the simple act of not ignoring.   Spreading love and teaching love will change the future.  

Here's to you and yours this holidayWishing you the most loving, snuggle filled, cozy days and nights ever.   We are lucky to have you in our lives...THANK YOU!  

xoxo TWH




1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection foranother person.

2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deepaffection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. sexual passion or desire.

4. a person toward whom love is felt; belovedperson; sweetheart.

5.(used in direct address as a term of endearment,affection, or the like):Would you like to see a movie, love?

6. a love affairan intensely amorous incident;amour.

7. sexual intercourse; copulation.

LOVE.  The word itself is beautiful, inviting, warm.  It's the one thing you can give another person or being that is totally free but worth more than anything in the world.  Its the most expensive currency in the world. 

To share love, any kind of love, whether its with another person, the all encompassing love you share with a child, or the sweet loving nurturing bond you feel with an animal it is the same.  Beautiful and addicting. Yet it can be so rare these days. 

Take a moment today and tell whom ever you love.  Look into their eyes and tell them.  Grab your pets and tell them.  Call your mom, dad, grandma, sibling and tell them.  Grab your friend hug them tight and tell them.

When you pass someone on the street who could use a smile, show them love and smile.  That person who lost their luck and home and slowly is becoming invisible, show them love and smile.  

The more we love, the more we show it, the better our world will become. Our planet is slowly becoming hardened, unloved.  Let's shift our focus to rising above the anger and frustration our social media filled world can drudge up and instead of feeling jealous or envious, feel inspired. 

Life is so very short and goes so fast.  Nothing is more important than love.  You can never have or give too much.  You deserve to be love, feel love and give love. 

The V easy stress free Valentines Day

Oh Valentines are so cute and oh so naughty!  While it's a day to remind us to show the love to the ones we love.  It's also a day that causes insane pressure to figure out how to show that love.   Restaurants are packed and they force expensive prix fixed menus on you to be sure they can churn their customers in and out quickly for the next seating.  The price of roses climbs 200%...OH P.S. GUYS??  WE.  DO.  NOT.  WANT.  ROSES.  ooops was that out loud??  And silly heart jewelry is forced on to your neck.

Oh Mr are too good for words...

Oh Mr are too good for words...

So why don't we all do each other and the ones we love a favor and skip the forced hoopla and show the love a sweeter, less stressful way.  It's funny how some of the most thoughtful things come in small ways...

Here are a few of our faves from around the web..

How insanely cute are these Leafcutter Designs "Tiny" letters.  You can literally have any message put on them and they come in a teeny box with teeny postage and a magnifying glass... GET OUT!  

So good  Leafcutter so good

So good so good

Nothing is better than an amazing and creative handmade (and not cheesy) gift.  You are absolutely going to tap into your inner Martha S. when you see this next V day "gift"

A home made magazine??  Thanks   DesignSponge

A home made magazine??  Thanks DesignSponge


And if you just HAVE to get a gift...we absolutely LOVE these Reiko Kaneko mugs.  Ahhheemmm, could use a few around here if you know what I mean.   

Write someone a love note on these amazing cards from one of our fave sellers...

F rank and Folly  we love does our man when he gets your cards

Frank and Folly we love does our man when he gets your cards

Or make someone you love cute cookies!  I mean what would you rather have ; home made deliciousness or store bought boxed candy?  

Williams Sonoma   always has the best cookie cutters

Williams Sonoma always has the best cookie cutters

Celebrating the V day with your girls?  Nothing says I love you and your heart like a beautiful floral crown.  

Great DIY at the queen of DIY   PS I made this  ...

Great DIY at the queen of DIY PS I made this...

Maybe instead of stressing about "the perfect V day" we should all try to show love everyday and make the 14th the day you just add an extra shake of glitter.  

And love yourself every day!

Happy Love day!  Wanna get us a little somethin somethin??  Pass us on to your friends and family!  Let that love grow

We love you 


XOXO things we heart