How to do Coachella in your 30's & beyond.



Oh Coachella, you're like a dear old friend... From the very first Coachella ever when we were young & single and free to all the years since, many years we had to miss because of babies in the belly & at the breast. 

Last year Erin & I returned after a few years to Coachella and were reminded of the magic, beauty, and freeness of standing in the middle of a field on a warm night under millions of stars with your favorite bands up on stage giving you their hearts... It honestly is a magical experience. 

But returning to Coachella or any festival setting after your belly & boobs have been through childbirth can be intimidating.... Mothers always struggle with dressing our bodies after kids, but something about a festival weekend adds a little more freak-out to our lives. 



For some girls Coachella is the one weekend a year they get to go full-on BOHO, the same way Halloween is a chance to go full-on sexy costume... But since we are such crazy amalgams of hippie/tom-boy/beastie girls/ballerina/punkers the 1000% boho never feels authentic on us, in fact, we shy away from it. 

So what do we wear?

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

How do you dress for Coachella when you are no longer in your 20's and you're a mama?

Thankfully our generation of Mamas are able to be fashionable & fun. We can dip our toes into the fashions of the past without going overboard into the realm of "costume".... So for us that means, no flower crowns, no native American headdresses & no crop tops thank you very much! 

Granted, we have never been the girls who follow the "dress for your age" rule... As evidenced by the fact that we usually dress like 15-year-old boys. (Baggy jeans, sneakers & vintage tees we'll never let you go!)  

Once you are out of your twenties you have the luxury of having more confidence in yourself and a much clearer idea of who you really are. 

Along with the confidence and self-knowledge come a few laugh lines that show you've had a life full of smiles, long gone are the days when you follow trends or try and be someone else, there is great comfort in that! I mean, yes we would take our 21-year-old bodies back in a heartbeat,  but not if we had to give up all we've learned and loved. 

This year, we are looking back in time to the ladies that always got it just right and we taking inspiration from a few classics for our festival looks. These ladies have a style that lasts through the generations, and that's what you want. Here are some of our favorites. 

1. Obviously Jane Birkin- Because no one else makes the most simple clothes painfully stylish and perfect. Jane never did it wrong and if you keep the simplicity of her style in mind, you will never over do it. 

2. Another classic, Lauren Hutton is pure inspiration. No one rocked all white like this woman. Take a page out of her book and bring the freshness to the desert. 

3. Girly - girl tomboy Punk queen Debbie Harry is always such an inspiration in our daily dressing... The queen of the tiny vintage T. 

Here are some of our favorite sources for stylish grown ass lady festival pieces. 

1. Christy Dawn for dreamy romantic sundresses

2. Zara for embellished tops & classic basics

3. Prism Boutique for perfect T-Shirts

4. Flynn Skye for sexy simple basics

5. Free People for all things denim

6. Ula Johnson for dreamy investment pieces 

We hope we helped inspire you to relax, have fun and go for the classics as you pack for your weekend away! Remember, breath it in and enjoy the magic & of course don't forget to check out this cute band DREAMCAR while you're at Coachella.