Back to school sickies.....

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you these reminders! 

Back to school sickies are a real thing! Summer is over and your kids are knee deep in hundreds of new germs every day. 

I spent all last night waking up to take care of one of my little men... Magic baths and tons of hydration... Here are a few re-caps of our best tips for when your little one is sick. 

1. The Magic Bath- tons of these happening at our house right now... Thank heavens for essential oils. 

2. How to fill your little one's sick day with fun- From restful games to re-hydrating pops... We've got you. 

3. Go easy on yourself- When your kids are sick, you may get nothing done all day except being an amazing mama. That is more than enough. 

Take care, wash your hands, use ON GUARD and stay healthy.