A lesson in responsible life-ing

There is literally nothing we can not do...we are do it alls, all of the time...with love, care, patience, hard work with a side of sass and a glass of wine.   We are women...super and amazing.  But every once in a while (ok maaaybe more than once in a blue moon) we slip up and do something silly....we don't listen to our intuition.  That inner voice that only women are gifted with.  The voice that tells you to run, turn the corner, walk away, check on your too quiet kids.  

Three nights ago we moved back into our home, after a long week of packing, moving, cleaning etc we had one more trip left to pick up our cats and bring them back home.  Wanting to be with my sweet and cute hubby for our last trip, I jumped into his car for some bonding during this stressful time.  I purposely left my purse on the floor of my car with my phone so I could be present and in the moment.  Oddly enough, I have never done that before but I actually put thought into leaving it behind.  We arrived back home 1 hour later to find my widow smashed purse, wallet, keys, phone etc stolen.  ( I was panicked, violated, scared, angry...I mean who steals shit out of a moms car...anyones car really?  But once you see a toddlers floaties and sippy cup in the seat and car seats in the back wouldn't you just stop the atrocious crime?  Once you turn on the phone to see thousands of kids photos wouldn't you just return it?)  Why did I choose to leave my purse when my true intuition was to grab it out of the car?  I could have just thrown it in his car and not used my phone but I chose to ignore that and leave it to get stolen.  So all I could think of was I had to learn a terribly difficult lesson.  

I am terrified of technology...so weird right?  My dad was a techie and my brother still is but the idea of "the cloud" just freaks me out.  I mean what is that and how in the world does it work and who can get into it?  So I never used "the cloud" to back up my photos and the stress of the move and being in a rental away from home with 2 young kids caused me to be lazy and not download my photos into my computer.   Now the sadness has begun...the only thing I cried about after the theft were my photos...stuff is just stuff but memories are irreplaceable.  So the lesson I learned is...BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!   (oh and listen to your intuition)

Here are the best ways to save those memories without using the ominous "cloud"

Google Photo- A lot like the cloud (so that means there is a chance we won't partake in it too much) but you can access your photos anywhere unlike the cloud that you can only get into from an Idevice. 

Mpix- Old school.  Print them out.  Mpix does it fast with high quality.  Upload your photos and within a week...voila...they are at your door

Chatbooks- LOVE this one.  They are a bit different than your typical digital photo book.  You can upload any photos or Chatbooks connects with Instagram and Facebook as well to grab from there.  You can choose to print one automatically every month which is like a little gift of memories 12 times a year!  We made one for Fathers Day and its the perfect size and the quality is great

Mypublisher- Just like the 100 other printed digital books you can get, their prices, quality and easy set up makes this our favorite book.  

How ever you do it...just do it.  Memories live in our heads and hearts but nothing beats a photo.  




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