Black Beauty- An ode to Activated Charcoal

My love affair with activated charcoal started about 12 years ago when I visited our friend in Jamaica, who's father who had cancer swears he cured himself with charcoal pills.  I dove head first into reading about it to perhaps help my dad who also had cancer.  I could not find too much info about the benefits of it with that disease but what I did find was exciting.  It is a natural detoxifier.  It helps pull toxins and poisons from the body.  It is used as a purifier so it made sense that my friends father used it when he was sick.  

Activated charcoal is made from coconuts, wood or coal.  When heated to create charcoal it is cooled rapidly causing the ions to activate.  (it is NOT regular charcoal so please don't start licking bricks of BBQ charcoal)  It is put into capsule form making it easy to ingest or mix with liquids/gels/solids etc.  Hospitals use charcoal for patients who ingest poison (pharmacutical drugs, toxins, mercury, pesticides etc..)  but the home uses of this gorgeous pure black beauty are incredible.  

Things We Heart

Things We Heart

  1. Face Cleanser-  It draws impurities out of the skin.  Mix 1 capsule with rose water or your favorite cleanser and make a mask.  Let it sit on your skin for a few minutes, clean off and voila...gorgeous skin
  2. Tooth Whitener- Make a paste with water brush the mix on your teeth for a few minutes every day and after a week you will see whiter teeth
  3. Water Purifier- Take charcoal sticks and simply toss in your favorite water bottle for pure, clean water
  4. Spider/Snake/Bug Bites- Make a paste with charcoal, baking soda and water.  Spread on the bite and let the paste draw out the toxins
  5. Bloat Basher- Eat too many beans?  Love broccoli like we do? Take a pill and watch that gas disappear!  (shhhh)

Here are a few charcoal products we absolutely LOVE and some we have used for years

  1. Mint Charcoal Toothpaste Powder - Whiter teeth and healthier gums with this minty powder
  2. Binchotan Toothbrushes- We love these and they are pretty enough to leave out on the counters
  3. Kishu Binchotan Water Sticks- Drop these in your water and it is pure as can be
  4. Origins Clear Improvement Mask- Been using this for years. It's amazing at clearing out your pores
  5. Shamanuti Cleanser- Use this every day for clearer skin and pores

You can get the capsules at any health good store, Whole Foods or Amazon.. Get your charcoal on... send us your pics of how you use it.

xoxo TWH