Be the peace you want to see in the world.

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Over the last few weeks has been nothing but darkness in the worlds news.  From law abiding citizens getting shot simply because their skin color was different to terrorist attacks on innocent people and mobs on social media trolling people only to cause them pain, feelings of fear and hate and broken hearts.  We are living in a time of heightened darkness and fear.  A time of concentrated anger and frustration that can not be diluted as easily as before.  A time where social media is as powerful as a dictator of a small country causing chaos and sadness.  

We woke up this morning aching for our children and our world.  What is going on?  Why is there such a heaviness and anger brewing?  How can we help make this stop?  We can not just Pray for peace...we must be the peace.  Be the love we want to see.  

We are afraid to raise our children in a world that seems to more often than not get off on darkness, fear, hate and anger.   Why is sadness overcoming love and happiness?  What do we do?   Darkness and hate feed off of negativity just as happiness feeds off of love.

The only answer we can see and feel as the right one is to teach peace.  Be love.  Become bigger than the ones who feed off of hate and power.  We can not stop the darkness but we can counter it with light.  We can teach ourselves, our children, our peers that love and being a better person is more powerful than the smallness of hate.   We can band together and "fight" anger with love.   Standing up against the oppressors is the only way to help change begin.   We have to become nicer.   It may not ward off terrorists or every person who loves to see another person in pain but it can help.  The more love we have in the world, the more acceptance, the more peace, the higher our vibrations the stronger we are.

Peace does begin at home.   Teach our children (and ourselves) that bullies are only bullies because they feel less than, that the were not shown love as much as they should have been.  Teach our children that success is living the best life you can live, working hard and treating all beings with love and respect.   It starts with the small stuff...holding doors open for others, not ignoring people that are less fortunate, not harming any living creature, smiling at others and just being grateful.   

We must be the change, be the love, be the peace and stand together.  United we are stronger.