Growing Pains

When you have very young children every moment is taken up with figuring out how you will get to the next moment. Will this phase pass and when? When will my baby sleep? When will my toddler stop running full speed away from me down a busy sidewalk? When will my three year old stop throwing tantrums in the middle of the super market? 

Lately, as much as I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, because I was in the trenches, tired and at the end of my rope for YEARS... I have been missing those days. 

The days when you were crucial to the minute to minute survival of your children. 


While my boys are still young, I can feel it creeping in. The mature, independent, amazingness I have worked so hard all these years to cultivate. I am so proud of the strong sense of self each of them have. 

And while I am enjoying not having these three fascinating little people to hang out with. I also feel nostalgic for my babies. 


And as my kids grow up and our circles become bigger... I feel thankful for each and every snuggle. For each and every heart-to-heart, and each and every time they still run to me and call me mommy. 

Is anyone else feeling this way? Am I just getting emotional because I am PMSing? Mamas of teenagers, I am sure you have loads of wisdom for me. 

Fill us in on the comments bellow.