Have a great weekend!

We leave in 2 hours and this is all I have packed.  Sooooooo.....

We leave in 2 hours and this is all I have packed.  Sooooooo.....

Aaaaannndddddd we are off!  Consider this our Spring Break "Have a great week" message.  The TWH team is off to Coachella Music Festival after a looooong hiatus!  He had a kid or 3 during our break from California's funnest fest.

To say we are excited is an understatement and to say we are nervous is probably a better way to describe it.  A lot has changed in 7 years and so have we!  We are moms of 5,  started a business together and to be honest we have actually gotten older!  What?!?  Yup...we have aged...so being the girls we are we are a bit nervous to see the younger versions of ourselves, cellulite and mom boob free.   But you know what? We will use these nerves to remember our amazing journey over the last 7 years.   Our babies, our bodies, our incredible and sometimes insanely heartbreaking but crazy fun lives.  We earned our crinkles and fine lines.  Every section of jiggle in my belly is from a delicious meal or being to tired to work out after an amazing day with my girls.  

Now on to packing!   If you are heading to a festival this spring/summer be sure to check out our must have guide for things you may not remember to pack.  

Neither of us have packed yet and we are leaving in 2 hours.  So its off to feed the kids and then throw it all in a bag and go!  

Can't wait to share our pics with you guys!

See you next week and have a beautiful weekend!

xoxo TWH