Au natural- Organic Cotton Tampons

Every month or every other it happens.  The cravings, the puff, the "what the F is going on and who the F do you think you are" time comes.  And every month we are almost shocked by it.  One of us texts the other complaining about how we can't stop eating or getting upset and the other one says, "Are you getting your period?  I just had mine" and just like that we feel calm.  Until we realize the one thing we have been using to protect our favorite undies (just kidding we have period undies) is the same thing thats poisoning us.  

Yup.  Tampons are poison.  Sorry we don't mean to be dramatic but today's top tampon brands are filled with chemicals, pesticides and toxins.  And the craziest part?  Tampon companies are self regulated meaning they do self testing on their products.  Um no you are going to use chemical bleach to make them whiter, rayon which is a synthetic un-breathable fiber and contains dioxin.  Let's get this straight, we are inserting, into the most prized and delicate thing on our bodies, chemicals and poisons and the government isn't regulating it?  No thanks!  

Cut to the top 5 organic 100% cotton tampons on the market.  We have tried most of them and they do the job exactly like the others only without the toxins, glue, rayon, earth harming plastics and cancer fear.

Seventh Gen  - 20 for $5.47 //    Kali-   10 (plus wipes) for $25 //    Natra  //    Lola-   18 for $10  //    Honest  -16 for $6.95

Seventh Gen- 20 for $5.47 //  Kali- 10 (plus wipes) for $25 //  Natra//  Lola- 18 for $10  //  Honest-16 for $6.95

Kali, Honest and Lola are all subscription based.  So if amazing packaging (guilty!), laziness or discretion, and the love of getting a delivery are your thing these are the ones for you!  Kali even comes with a cleansing wipe for those not so fresh moments.  Who me?!?!  But if paying a premium isn't in the cards, and seriously do we need to spend a fortune on these bad boys, then your local store should have one of the other options.  Or call our best friend Amazon and they will send some your way.  (We have linked to where to buy any of these in the caption above)

Now if you still aren't cool after all of this inserting things into your body with risk of TSS or other bacterias, a family member (yuppie not a hippie) swears by the Diva cup.  She gave me one and I still haven't used it but after reading all of this i really want to.  Unsure of how exactly I will be able to sit down with it in 

Better for your body, the environment and you can even have S-E-X with them in! 

Better for your body, the environment and you can even have S-E-X with them in! 

Here are a few precautions to always take when using tampons..even the organic ones from

Precautions to reduce risks when using tampons:

  • Change tampons every 4-6 hours.
  • Alternate with pads as often as possible.
  • Always use lowest absorbency for your flow.
  • Avoid rayon brands: Tampax, Playtex, Kotex.  (SEND A MESSAGE TO THE BIG CORPS)
  • Opt for cotton brands.
  • Do not use tampons when not menstruating.  (UM YEAH THANKS FOR THAT)
  • Do not use tampons with light flow or spotting.
  • Do not use tampons overnight while sleeping.  (I DO THIS!  Oh no!)
  • Do not use tampons with a vaginal infection.
  • Wash hands before inserting or removing tampons.  (ALWAYS OR BACTERIA GETS UP THERE)
  • Store your tampons away in a clean dry place.  (THEY ARE GREAT HOMES FOR MOLD)
  • Learn about tampon health risks in more detail.
  • Check for mold or dirt on the tampon before use.
  • Consider safer options like menstrual cups or pads.  (SEE ABOVE)

Happy period... Hey if we could we would curl up with you, Netflix, wine and chocolate so don't get mad at us :)  Love you!

xoxo TWH