Tech Crunch our dreams...but usually I just feel like Booger. our dreams...but usually I just feel like Booger.

Ok, admittedly we are not the savviest of savvy when it comes to tech, new apps, snapchat (is this seriously the most incredible thing or the most unbelievably vain thing?), building websites (obviously..right?!?...soon!) but what we are amazing at are finding new ways for new tech to help us and make our lives easier or more fun.

And isn't that exactly what it is for?  I mean before the robots rule the earth (jk) let's all let tech make our lives more fun!  Here are 3 totally different but totally incredible things the tech gods have graced our lives with this month.

1. Task Rabbit.  Heard of it?'s by far our most favorite discovery as of late.  My family just moved into the cutest rental house around but it needed to be furnished but with items that we can't take home with us.   So what is a girl to do when she needs to buy furniture thats good looking and affordable?  She runs to IKEA!  Ahhhh we love thee-ish.  So I picked up a pretty console for the family room/tv room got it home but saw the pieces and realized I would never see my family again if I had to try to put it TASK RABBIT to save the day!  I had a guy at our place in 3 hours to set up the whole thing beautifully while I drilled a ton of holes in the walls to put up drapes!   They are backed by a $1mm insurance policy so there was nothing to worry about.  It was fast, easy, safe and their "taskers" are incredible.  

My Tasker, Armen hooking it up.  He was so awesome Im calling him back!

My Tasker, Armen hooking it up.  He was so awesome Im calling him back!

They are a "honey do, busy person, mothers helper" site/app.  They offer cleaning, shopping, furniture builders, handymen...etc...genius at starting at $25 p/h for IKEA assembly I was sold!  To spend those hours with my girls or just doing other things to get the rental ready were priceless.  

The finished product.  Done beautifully with pretty knobs from Anthropologie

The finished product.  Done beautifully with pretty knobs from Anthropologie

2. Ink Cards by Sincerely.  Not exactly sure how I found this app but I'm super happy I did!  It was week 2 of the horrible sickness cloud in our house...this particular week happened to be the stomach flu.  So we all four cuddled in bed to eat popsicles and watch Sophia the First marathon (we really should get parent of the year awards just for that).  I snapped a pic of my baby daddy snuggling so hard he fell asleep in between both girls.  It was a heart melting moment.  About 1 min later I found this app!  Downloaded it, uploaded this cute pic and voila!  Out came the cutest product.  A sweet thank you note post card that was mailed to him with in 5 days saying, Thank you for being the best human alive.

(I would show you the whole thing but no one likes a candid sleeping photo!...)  But I got to write a sweet message to him on the back with the photo on the front.  It's the little things...ya know?



3. Lumee.  Now we are DYING to get one of these for our phones.  I am admittedly TERRIBLE at selfies and so uncomfortable posting them..while my partner seems to do amazing ones and she couldnt look bad if she tried.  But even she is uncomfortable with it.  But then I noticed something in a photo of someone we knew who takes crazy good, well lit, photoshoot worthy selfies...a Lumee case!  So I searched...found that the selfie queen herself...KK has one and it is a secret behind the great lighting she has (not to mention the on call makeup artist, hair person, contoured face, injections....) but her photos too always seem to look great.  It has a warm LED, dimmable light ring on the front as well as lighting on the back.  SOLD!  Anything to make us less awkward!

Love when technology makes our lives easier...and these 3 new finds actually make it better!  Even for those, like us, who are great at almost everything...except for tech...and selfies...and furniture building....and window shopping...and diets...and well.....

xoxo TWH