Family Game Night!

As the nights get cooler and the dream of being cozy by the fire become a reality, we have some ideas for fun family game nights. Today we will share our top three family games with you. 

Because: even though we love a good movie night by the fire, sometimes as the kids get older, it is harder to get them talking about their day and we find a little board game distraction can end up giving them the time they need to open up about what is going on in their world. 


Who loved Jenga when they were little? The way you would feel so nervous that you would pull the wrong block and knock down the tower? Well, it is still a hold your breath fun game today and your kids are sure to love watching you topple it over! 

If you don't talk smack when you're playing Uno, you are missing half the fun! Last winter we had so many knock-down-drag-out-Uno games even my 5-year-old was pulling skip-a-turn cards on me! This game is easy enough the little ones can learn it and fun enough that you are all having a blast! 

Exquisit Corpse Game On  The Rumpus

Exquisit Corpse Game On The Rumpus

I grew up in a family of artists, and when I say artists, I mean ARTISTS.... Like our Easter Egg decorating contest was legendary and pretty much every family activity revolved around drawing, painting or doodling. We had a huge basket of colored pencils on the kitchen table at all times. 

Of course, for years I thought my father made this game up because we have p;ayed it as long as I can remember. We called it Creature Creator, but as my siblings and I got older, we discovered that other people play this game as well and it is actually called- "The Exquisite Corpse" A name I just can't get behind. 

Nevertheless, the rules are simple, and it is a great game for large groups! Just fold a bunch of pieces of paper like shown in the diagram above. (We fold before we draw)  if it helps, you can number the sections with a small 1,2,3 in erasable pencil. 

Then you pass a paper to every player.....

1. Each player draws a head and neck in the top section of the folded paper, any sort of head you want. The more detail the better! Make sure you make little notch marks where the neck ends at the very tip of the next section, this way the next person knows where to start their drawing. Fold your head back and hand it to the person at your left. 

2. Make sure you are not looking at the artwork you were just handed! Now you draw a torso from the neck to the waist or belt buckle! Don't forget the arms and hands! Add a lot of detail to your drawing and then make little notch marks where the waist ends onto the next section, fold your artwork back and hand it to the person across the table from you. You want to get a mix of artists on each paper.

3. Draw the final section which should be the bottom half of a body... Legs, knees, feet! Sky's the limit! Mermaid tails! Octopus tentacles!  Ballerina's feet! 

4. When everyone is finished you go around the table taking turns unfolding your paper and showing the amazing creature you have created! Another fun aspect is to try and guess who made what section! 

Whatever games you all play, remember to disconnect from all the screens in your life sometimes for some good old fashioned family fun!