Use your Voice...

While we will admit to watching most of this election year with a sort of amazed fascination, we feel it is time to speak up. We feel the need to speak up if only so that one day we can look back on this and remember how close our country came to electing a narcissistic, xenophobic, misogynistic man to one of the highest public offices in our country. 

To be completely transparent we were personally really feeling the Bern! We were excited and motivated and moved by the changes and the restructuring that Bernie Sanders saw as possible for our country. Bernie Sanders was a once in a lifetime politician... Our hearts broke when he graciously left the race for president. There was a reason he did that.... To ensure that Donald Trump did not get enough votes to put him in office. 

 The writing on the wall is as clear as day... We, as a nation,  CAN NOT afford to loose this election to someone like Donald Trump. 

Things We Heart is a site for women, mothers, different races and different sexual orientations. We are so lucky to have readers from all over the world! We have readers in Brazil and Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and more beautiful countries. 

We want you all to know, we embrace and celebrate you. We will never cast our vote for a man who segregates humans by color, religion or nationality. We will never vote for a man who disrespects women and judges them by their weight or HIS perception of their looks. 

A man so rude, crude and small minded he is self-imploding on a national stage as soon as he is questioned or asked to account for himself. 

Right now, we say loud and clear, for what it's worth we want to share with you that we are WITH HER! 

A woman who has spent the majority of her life in politics, we feel that HRC is the smartest and most well-informed candidate for the job. We are inspired by her drive and her dedication to public service. Hillary Clinton knows what this job takes and she has the temperament to handle long intense conversations with diplomats and leaders of other countries in a mature and thoughtful way. You know, like a president should. 

Hillary Clinton will show our daughters and sons that a woman can do anything that she puts her mind to and works hard for. 

As a side note, if you believe that Donald Trump in any way represents you.... And you're not a millionaire or a super model.... If you are a housewife, mother or someone that does manual labor... If you're a business woman that weighs over 119 pounds or a war vet that was a POW .... Let us remind you, this man has shown time and time again that he does not support you, respect you or represent you. 

This is a man who can not relate to anyone who doesn't have 24 karat soild gold doors and even then, most rich people aren't that ostentatious so they can't relate to him. 

We made it clear where we stand on this election, but even if you disagree with us, we respect your right to make that choice. Please, whoever you are voting for, get out and vote! This is not the election to sit out.