What about your friends?

It may be that we are having our return of Saturn, or it may be because we have had what you could call an eye-opening year, these days more than ever, we are aware how precious a gift friendship can be. 

Friendship is a funny thing, when you are young every stranger is someone who can be a new friend. Freedom and youth leave you open to new experiences and new people and it just feels like the world is your oyster. So many people, so many friends! 

Thank heaven for those moments because some of those people you meet when you're young and fresh stick with you for a lifetime. Through bad hairdos and embarrassing teenage boyfriends, they are by your side through drunken nights and heartbreaks...

As you get older and start to have kids, your circle starts to get a little tighter and you become a little wiser.

I always remember this quote that struck me as so important. It's from one of my oldest friend's mom. We were at lunch and since my friend was about to have his first baby and I am an old pro, we were talking about how you meet so many new friends and people once you become a parent, how your life gets so busy and filled up with all this endless wave new people and she said.

"At my age, a new friend has to go through a pretty intensive vetting process. I only have so much time in my day I want to spend it with people I can connect with, that I truly love and care about." 

Think about that for a minute, really think about how true it is for all of us.  

By the time you are a mom, you have usually been burned a time or two by someone you thought was a friend and even though that can really hurt, or really piss you off depending on the person and the circumstances.... When you have children you don't have any time or energy for people who don't make your life healthy and full and fun. There is something really nice about knowing yourself enough to know what you're not interested in. 

We will never be the "No new friends" type of people. Because we are always so elated and excited when we find a soul that we connect with. It feels pretty good to be able to know a true friend when you meet one.

So, today we say thank you to our friends... The old, the new and the ones we lost touch with along the way. Thank you to the people who we know would be there at the drop of a hat for us if we needed them. We love you. 

Excuse us for using our platform to get all mushy... But call your BFF and tell them you love them today.