New manicures for a new you

What you do on the outside is really just a reflection of the beautiful person you are on the inside.  Makeup, sure it makes you look for awake after being up all night drinking or nursing a baby (or in our case convincing your 4 year old for the last 4.5 years that 4 am is not time to play) or a bit more together but what it's real job is to reflect who you are and feel like being that day. 

If you are like us, putting on makeup everyday is not a reality (seriously WHO has the time?  And we actually love a clean face on women..talking to you Nicole Richie in all your gorgeous makeup free glory) but what we have been loving since we had kids is a good manicure (DIY or salon) to help remind us of who we are.  

Hello beautiful jinxy.  LOVE your alien chic nails!

Hello beautiful jinxy.  LOVE your alien chic nails!

We are so happy nails are getting attention. And the coolest ones out there are chic and minimal.    Here are our favorite new minimalist manicures for a new you.  

Gone are the days of just painting 1 nail (ring, pointer, pinkie) to express your cuteness now its all out (quiet) amazingness.  But don't let the minimalist approach fool you...these are anything but boring...

  • one- this subtle ombre from Essie using earthy greys has us feeling envy (the good kind)
  • two- new obsession, Depechegurl.  i promise you will see her in another post. Hi perfect minimalist manicure in matte black
  • three- so refreshing and delicate.  these gold foil moons from SHRN had us running to grab gold polish
  • four- love the new upside down glitter french manicure.  instead of putting it on the tip turn it upside down for a fresh look.  it is a grownup way to do glitter (via: pinterest)
  • five- oh hey! we know those nails.  i have been doing them like this for a while now but I'm still in love with them. minimal and clean (via: TWH )
  • six- these negative space triangles at the moon from Fashion Medley are killing us

PS if you are a DIYer the new peel off latex barriers make it way easier to get a clean look...

Beat those New Years blues (yes, its a thing! you are not alone!) with a new manicure.