The greatest man who ever lived.

Today just might be our favorite holiday. Every year in school our children learn about one of the greatest men that has ever lived, and every year we are blown away by the intellect, bravery and goodness of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Today we pay him our respects by putting up a few of his powerful words of wisdom... Try and really think on them. If anything should inspire us.... challenge us to use our voices for what we believe in, to stand up for, and beside those who need to be seen. Let the magnitude of the ways in which one man lead the world to change sink in. 

Thank you MLK for being an amazing example of what a human being can be and a model of how to try and live our lives. 

Just these small samplings of some of his words is enough to make you reflect on the person you are today. Are we doing enough? Are we living a true life? Standing up for what we believe and speaking with whatever voice we are able? 

Remember to let in love... Hatred is too heavy.