Lesson #148,489. Class is in session

***You may have noticed (we hope you did!) that we were absent last week.  Both of us had computer problems and had to turn over our 3rd arm to the computer gods to fix.  But we are back and ready for action***

There comes a time in everyone's life when you get to a point whether its after marriage, kids, a death or even leaving a hard job where you think, "There is nothing left to learn, Life...I got this"  Then boom!  Thats when Life laughs and says, "No my dear...there is just so much more to learn".

The last 2 weeks were the weeks of all weeks. Those kind of weeks when life tests your patience, gratitude, smarts, resourcefulness and breaking point (the latter I found out was much closer than I thought).  No, nothing terrible happened, thank goodness, we are lucky for that.  Just a lot of small things that made me question what was going on...what was I supposed to be learning here.  Then I got it...

Lesson 1.  If you drive a car you must have AAA

It was the day of my husbands 45th surprise party and I was picking up last minute items when I looked down to see my gas was empty.  I could have made it home most likely but I said "I am a mom!  That's so irresponsible to leave that to chance"  So as I pulled into a far away gas station I heard 2 huge pops.  The sound of two tires popping!  Before the tears welled up I grabbed my Auto Club card and held it tight as I dialed the number.  30 min later a flat bed tow truck hauled my mom mobile to my house just in time to unload and set up quickly.  If I didn't have AAA I would have been in a sheer panic and at $48 a year it's worth the peace of mind. 

Lesson 2.  Always back up your computer. 

You may remember this from our Instagram when a certain bunny boy decided to remove as many keys as he could from the key board and press every button he could.  Was the computer backed up?  Nope!  1 day after Mieke turned her computer over to the computer gods to fix, my computer flashed...turned off...rebooted and flashed this.

The hard drive was shot.  I hadn't backed up in over 2 months.  I was shaking with terror.  Not only did I think I would need a new computer but I thought everything I had was lost.   After a week it was fixed, fast and happy.  Thankfully they were able to restore the info but it was a gamble.  So I went home, bought a hard drive and backed that s**t up!

Lesson 3.  Nothing is more important than your kids. 

Time goes so fast, especially when you have kids.  Maybe its the crazy days, maybe its the fun mayhem,  or maybe its just because time really does go fast.  And even faster when you're trying to hold on to the moment.   Last Saturday was the first time I was away from my girls overnight. The day before, I had so much to do to get ready (not to mention I was in much need of a little mom break considering the week I had) nails, hair, pack, grocery shop for baby sitters, and endless amount of life errands.   But what was I really doing?  Why couldn't I pack at night, skip my nails, shop while the big one was at school, and put all of the endless life errands off until when I returned home?  I could and I did.  I needed to put it all on the back burner since it was not about me,  it was about my girls...their happiness and security.  Yes, I needed me time but I had to change the definition this time.  My "me time" was sleeping all night, having a drink in the middle of the day and giving my full attention to my husband while we were away for the day.  My me time was not nearly as important as their mom time.  Knowing they had all of me that day made it easier to hop on that plane.  Yes, I may have cried a few times incessantly looking at photos of them but I knew they felt loved and were happy.   

So what ever life throws your way it's ok to get mad, upset, frustrated, sad, crazy....but remember there could be a lesson there.  Not always but a lot of the time.