Take it easy.

I have a habit of overloading my plate.... Both literally & figuratively and then feeling weighed down by all I have to do.  I know I am not alone in this because all my girlfriends feel the same. As women and as mothers we tend to feel like we need to take on everything and please everyone. 


But the reality is, we can't really do that. Something has to give. 

Women look around and it seriously seems like almost every other mom has her s*%T together. But if you actually sit down and talk to them, they are spread as thin as you are. We are all trying to get through the day being mother enough, wife enough, friend enough, business partner or employee enough... Every thing enough.  

I love so may things... Obviously my children and husband but I also love being creative and working. I have been lucky enough this past year to have opportunities to flex my creative muscles and I am having SO much fun doing it. Getting back to the me I was before I had kids and became full time "Mommy". It is so fun, but the hours all feel stollen from my kids. Do any of you feel like that? I try so hard to fit everything in while they are at school... But the school days seem shorter these days. 

The hardest part about this is that we beat ourselves up. So many ladies I know end the day feeling like they just didn't get enough done. I do it to myself all the time. Guilt is so heavy, we need to be more gentle with ourselves. 

I see my friends as super women, I am fiercely protective of my friends hearts. I want all of them to know what wonderful mothers, sisters, wives they are. 

Maybe the problem is that these days we all are so busy. Mom's feel like we have to give our kids every opportunity so we load them up with after school activities... Piano, Bass, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Art, Tennis, Chess Club, Theater, Ballet, Spanish, French, Latin, Diving, Abacus classes, Model car building, Robotics, Calligraphy, Computer programming, Tai Chi, Tai Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Haiku workshops, Bonsai shaping.... And on and on. 

I am not making fun, I do it too! My kids are in tons of activities. I am guilty as the next mom. 

My husband recently linked me to this article written by Derek Silvers called "No more yes, its either Hell Yeah! or NO."

The funny thing is my husband and I both struggle with balance so this was a perfect article for us. If something doesn't excite you and your not passionate about it, then you have to give a polite no. Only saying yes to things your excited about leaves you more room to focus on those things and you hopefully will end up more productive and happy. 

This week both Erin & I have kids with the usual childhood "Back to school" sickies. Sometimes being forced to slow down is just what the doctor ordered. Sitting down and snuggling with my baby actually let me rest and ignore any other responsibilities with out the guilt. 

I actually let him nap with his head in my lap and watched The Devil Wears Prada in the middle of the day yesterday. 

Mamas sometimes need the world to throw the brakes on for us because we are so busy running around we forget to do it ourselves.