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Photo: Thingsweheart.com 

Photo: Thingsweheart.com 

Ahhh 4 year olds.... They feel and feel and feel everything. Not a baby any more but not quite a big kid.  A 4 year old needs to explore their newfound abilities.... No matter what you say.

I am currently raising my third 4 year old boy, and I honestly had almost forgotten the way selective hearing worked. My little guy only hears me when he wants to, the rest of the time it's like talking to a wall. A very cute, very fast moving wall.

This is not going to be a post about how to discipline your 4 year old... There are enough of those on the internet. We are all doing our best with our own methods and I have no deep concerns that my 4 year old isn't growing up with proper guidelines in life. I'm not afraid he isn't going to grow up into a quality human being. He isn't hurting anyone. He's just 4 and a half years old, strong willed, adventurous and he wants TO PARTY! If anything I look into the future and see this. Nervous?



We know every child is different, so we don't know what your 4 year old is up to today, but mine is on fire. As the youngest of three boys, he has a lot to prove. He can do anything they can do and trust me he will do it. Independence is such an intoxicating feeling for children.

I have found myself at my wits end these days trying to contain our wild child. Koa has fallen down more times the I can count this summer. He has drawn on furniture, drawn all over his face & body, stomped his feet, snuck cookies, yelled at every member of our household if he doesn't get his way, pulled every costume out at once and left his brothers room a hot mess in the process. The usual 4 year old behavior.

He's also given me a million kisses, shared his piñata candy with a little girl who didn't get any at a birthday party, built forts for our puppy and him to hide out in, hugged his friends, helped his big brothers when they fell down and sang along to the entire Imagine Dragon's album that he requests each time we get in the car. (Some have Frozen we have Night Visions) The usual 4 year old behavior.

Maybe it is these dog days of summer... We are all ready for a little of the routine and structure school brings to our family. Maybe it's time to give him some special Mama one on one time which always seems to help when one of my boys is having a trying phase.

Here are some average behavioral milestones for 4 1/2 year old behavior.

Motor Behaviors

  • Can now catch successfully, hands to chest
  • Uses the whole forearm when drawing
  • Has a firm but wobbly pencil stroke
  • Is physically active but has calm periods

Language Behaviors

  • May begin to differentiate fantasy from reality
  • Loves new information
  • Is scared by wild stories they loved at four
  • Is showing interest in letters and numbers

Personal-Social Behaviors

  • Considers friends very important
  • Cooperates more with family members when not feeling overly challenged or rushed; is less likely to push limits
  • Likes to call attention to own performance
  • Has unpredictable temperament; laughter and tears can follow in quick succession
  • Can be persistently demanding

Learning Behaviors

  • Shows more competency with many skills, but interest in expanding these skills is often short lived
  • Builds more complicated block structures
  • Is more self motivated and focused
  • Prefers reality in play activities; continues with imaginative play
  • Likes to show off dramatically
  • Needs less adult supervision
  • Stays on task longer with activities of interest
  • Begins to play collaboratively
  • Dresses and undresses with very little help

Also maybe your 4 year old will do this...

Photo: Thingsweheart.com

Photo: Thingsweheart.com

Yes, I am writing this on a keyboard missing a ton of keys... Forgive my typos.

I feel like just talking about a challenging phase you are going through with your kids is always so helpful. None of us are perfect moms, none of us have perfectly behaved children. Why pretend that we do? Life is so much nicer when you feel like you are not alone. Let's curb the mom-competition and just admit we are all stumbling in the dark here. Loving our kids so much we hopefully get it, at least right enough, to have them grow up happy and secure in the fact that they are cherished by their parents.

Good luck ladies!





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