Are you there God? It's me, Mom.

Judy Blume

Judy Blume

When we were growing up getting our first Period seemed like the biggest deal in the world. When would it happen? What would it be like? Who already got their Period & why was it taking so long for ours to come along?

We probably read every book on the subject that we could find. Then the miracle happened, we got our periods and entered the world of womanhood! Hooray!

Cut to - many years & many periods later and we thought we pretty much had the whole menstruation situation covered. 

Then we had kids. 



How come no one ever talked about this? Why haven't we ever read a book about a group of mom's talking about how heavy and crazy knocked out you get by your periods after you have kids? Maybe we need to write that book, because it happens! 

Your normal schedules and routines are completely turned upside down. Your period can strike at any moment and when it does, it strikes pretty hard. The flow is heavier and the cramps are crazy. We used to think girls that complained about cramps were just being dramatic. But these days it's like being hit by a truck... Right in the baby maker. 

Why does this happen? And why do you get heavier periods with worse cramps the more kids you have? Well, allow us to put on our amature scientist lab coats on and figure it out. 

We have heard this theory before from fellow mama friends, but looked it up on and here is what a doctor says. 

"Pregnancy causes the surface area of the uterus to expand, which means that after childbirth, there is twice as much surface area to shed through menstruation as before, hence the heavier bleeding than before childbirth."

Awesome! Super heavy periods can really put a cramp in your lifestyle.... Pun completely intended. 

The uterus is a muscle. Like all muscles, it can contract and relax. During your period, it contracts more strongly. Sometimes when it contracts you feel a cramping pain.

The uterine muscles contract when prostaglandins are produced. Prostaglandins are chemicals made by the lining of the uterus. (Remember the surface of your uterus is larger after kids.)  Before your period, the level of these chemicals increases. At the start of your period, prostaglandin levels are high. As you menstruate, the level of prostaglandins decreases. This is why pain tends to lessen after the first few days of the period.

If you have extremely heavy bleeding that lasts for 5-7 days, stops you from your normal daily routine or if you are bleeding through a pad or tampon (or even both!) in a few hours, then you may have Menorrhagia.

If this is the case you should definitely go see your doctor to make sure its not caused by anything serious. 

We have made a go to list of goodies to help you get through a really rough cycle. 

Welcome to Me.

Welcome to Me.

If you can sneak a little time to yourself, then you should really watch this Kristen Wiig movie, or any Kristen Wiig movie. Welcome to Me is a sweet story about a mentally unstable girl who strikes it rich in the Lotto and makes her own reality show. This movie had us laughing out loud at its amazing and strange characters. Bonus... Wes Bentley is in it. Right now you can watch it and many more of her creative films on Netflix. * Skeleton Twins *Girl Most Likely *Secret Life of Walter Mitty * You're welcome. 


Chocolate. Because somethings never change and it will always make you feel better. 

Have you seen that The Honest Company started to make feminine hygiene products? We are so excited about this new product from one of our favorite companies. Let us know what you think if you have tried them already. 

For hundreds of years women have used different plants and herbs to help them through their menstrual cycles. The theory is that Black Cohosh Root tea will actually fight inflammation and sooth the tension in the uterine lining. This root also carries phytoestrogens which can help ease the mestruation process and make it happen more smoothly. DO NOT drink this tea while you are pregnant, it is also used to bring on labor. 

You should probably drink your tea out of this awesome Mr. Tea cup, whimsical things always make us feel better... It's like magic. 



Whatever you do to get through it, its nice to know we aren't alone in this little joke Mother Nature is playing on us. Sometimes it is the things that no one tells you about motherhood that throw you for the biggest loops. Thank heavens for all the good stuff that evens it all out. 

Throw on your sweats, eat your chocolate and snuggle up! Oh and don't forget to layer up at night, nothing worse then waking up in a bed that looks like a murder scene. 

XOXO- Things We Heart