Let them be little...please

The other day a girlfriend/mom-friend of mine sent me pics of our now 4.5 year old bunnies, at 18 months.  They were enjoying a tea party all chunky and sweet with chubby feet barely brushing the floor from their tiny chairs.

 My heart cracked, broke and tears welled up.  Where did the time go?  How in the world did 3 years just flash by? Now the once smooshy and chunky bunny stands with long legs at 3/4 of my body, asking questions about the world and how she could make it better.  My response?  "Just by you being in it makes it better"

How long will my sweet, yet, honest answers be accepted into their hearts?  How long will a kiss to make a booboo better work?  How long can I give a them a bath just for fun?  

As my friend sensed my tears she said, "The days seem forever but the years so short".  What a perfect thing to say.  It is so true.  

Sometimes (a lot) the madness of life takes over and makes the days seem endless making me dream of sundown and a nice rosé. Then the guilt sets in..."Why didn't i just enjoy?"  "Why was I in such a rush to finish the day because tomorrow they are older."  "I miss them already, why didn't I relax and let them have 5 more minutes of playtime? Because soon they won't want me to put them to bed" 

As moms we are constantly being asked things like "Are they crawling yet, walking yet, talking yet?"  And we are constantly comparing our little ones to the others fearing that they are not as advanced as they should be or just wishing they would crawl/walk/talk to make life "easier".  But its not easier, its just a new kind of amazing.  A whole new adventure watching them turn into the wonderful people they are.  And then we miss the squish, the midnight wake ups, the smell that only babies have.  We can't wait for the next phase but end up missing what we just went through.

So why are we in such a rush?  When it all goes so fast and we miss it, why do we need them to be bigger?  Being little is such a gift.  The innocence and wonderment.  The "wows" at a simple cloud.  The magic of seeing the world through those tiny eyes is so special, why do we push it go move faster?

I know my last baby is my last and I am relishing in each moment I can.  Instead of pushing her to do this do that, I am making sure I stop to enjoy the sweetness, the moments where a simple ear pull that makes my tongue stick out is so hilarious it incites belly laughs.  

It goes by so fast, why are we all in a rush to make it faster and then miss the moments we once had? Because are human.

If you need a few reminders to let them be little like us here are a few cute ones we found

one/ two/ three/ four/

Life goes so fast...let's all pump the breaks and look at our feet to remember where we are in this moment and enjoy.

xoxo TWH