Bringing Sexy Back....

The old jokes about your sex life being over once you have kids are only funny because there is an pinch of truth to them. The first few months, ok realistically, for a lot of months after you have a baby, the last thing that many women feel is sexy. You feel like a strong, beautiful, bad ass, creator of life.... But you also feel tired, foggy headed, stretched too thin and your body doesn't feel like its yours any more. 

With all your time, attention and affection going to baby it is natural for dad to feel left out in the cold. 

So how do you meet in the middle? We don't know the answer to this question... But, we can say that at a certain point after baby you just wake up one day and your sexy is back. Trust us on this one. We think the return of your libido may have something to do with sleeping through the night and not having your milk let down every time you hear a baby cry in a restaurant. 

While you may try and come back strong like Beyoncé, when we flirt with our husbands we end up more like Chrissy Snow. 

But whether you are a Beyoncé or a Chrissy here are a few items that might help you get your groove back. 


Josie Natori- Lace Tap Shorts

Josie Natori- Lace Tap Shorts

Lingerie is always a good place to start and we like lingerie that makes us feel good. No uncomfortable underwires or red lace here... We are obsessed with Tap Shorts like the ones above from Josie Natori .


We also love bodysuits like this one from Kimchi Blue. They instantly make you feel like a pin up girl. 

Every situation calls for a nice bottle of wine or liquid confidence. 

Bruno Mars- Unorthodox Jukebox

Bruno Mars- Unorthodox Jukebox

Both of the TWH girls die over this whole album, but Gorilla is a sexy, sexy song and should be on your playlist. 

Oh coconut oil, what can't you do. This is our number one share.... Are you ready. What smells great is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungel, Anti-Inflamitory? All natural organic virgin coconut oil. is the worlds best lubricant. 

It's true!! This crazy idea found it's way into our heads when a really good girlfriend of ours was talking about how many parabens and chemicals there are in store bought lube. She was tripping out about putting these cancer causing chemicals on her body. NO BUENO!!

She had the bright idea to try coconut oil... Granted we were drinking a lot of margaritas that night and there may have been a ton of laughter at this idea.  As, it turns out not every drunken idea is a bad one. 

After doing our research, we discovered that while this is a widely known and approved alternative there are a few things to be careful about. 

#1 You can NOT use coconut oil as a lubricant with latex condoms... The oils will break down the latex and cause tearing. 

#2 Use only organic virgin coconut oil or your are dealing with pesticides and that defeats the whole purpose. 

#3 Get a designated jar. You don't want to mix up your kitchen coconut oil with your bedroom oil. YUCK. 


Most importantly have fun! Life is too short to take seriously and you really have to enjoy every single moment! Your partner loved the girl you were & the woman you are now. You have given them the ultimate gift by having those adorable, amazing, exhausting little babies. Celebrate that!