App-etite for ease

Whether you are a working mom... well that's loaded because ALL moms work their asses off!  But whether you go to an office or outside job or you work at home (kids, cleaning, cooking, shuttle, etc) or a you are a busy girl on the go with no kiddos, we all need a little down time.  A little time to ourselves where the only person tugging, touching and asking you questions should be who ever is pampering and taking care of you in that moment. 

What's that you say?  You don't have your own private massage room or stylist on call?  You barely have an hour to yourself after the kids go down.  How could you ever run out to actually take care of the one person who takes care of EVERYONE ELSE FIRST?!?!  You get off of work and have to run to the store or meet your friends or go to a meeting.... So how can you squeeze in a beauty appointment? 

Welcome to the 21st century...the year of the woman...the super mom and the super woman... Yes we have always been SUPER but now we can be Duper too.  As much as the tech world can be a scary and all-consuming place, it can also be your personal assistant.   Ladies... And gents.. We would like to introduce you to your newest friends, assistants, glam squads, trainers and masseuses.  And the best part?  They are on call and affordable.  

Here are our favorite apps for getting you glam, pampered, help and a little alone time.  Time just for you to make you feel like you again.


The Glam App you can get a mani/pedi, blowout, updo or gorgeous makeup at your home at the touch of a finger.  You can also choose the level of stylist/artist you want depending on the price you are comfortable paying.


Stylebee we think is only in SF or LA for now but with their great reviews we are sure you can schedule your next blowout or makeup sesh soon!


Glamsquad can give you gorgeous face or fab hair if you are in NYC, LA or Mi-ami (and nails in NYC too!).  


Priv is the one stop shop with trainers, massages, glam, nails... you can have it all right at your door step.  They are growing fast so sign up and they will let you know when they are in your town.  I just downloaded it for a second time (the weren't in LA yet when I first did it) and I can not wait to try it. 


Be Glammed...the new kid on the block offers make up and hair services in Dallas, LA, OC, Vegas, NYC and Houston.  


Just need a massage?  Zeel is here to help!  Get a massage at home, in your hotel or at work in less than an hour.  Done and done!  Available in LA, NYC, SF, Miami an NJ. 

Now you may be saying WTF amazing!  but in the back of your mind you are all like..."wait who is coming into my home and is it just some joe shmo?"  All of these companies do background checks, license checks and personally audition and do surprise check ups on quality and personal character. 

We all work hard and we all deserve to be taken care of.  Taking a moment for yourself to make yourself feel better is not selfish, its necessary because you can't take care of someone else fully until you take care of you.