A few things...

This week has had no shortage of fun, hard work with the end of year school fundraisers, TWH secret meetings and delicious sunshine and swim lessons.  It was so filled, that our new column, A Few Things had to be edited down a ton!

Photo- Steve Erle  M/U Gregory Arlt

Photo- Steve Erle  M/U Gregory Arlt

We started our week with an exciting TWH meeting.  Now this meeting was just between which on its own is dreamy since our meetings are usually on the phone between school pickups or after bedtime stories.  But what made it even better was where we were.  We dined and drank at the most gorgeous (and delicious) restaurant we have ever laid our eyes on, Gracias Madre.  

This was not our first time here but the beauty of it never ceases to amaze us.  Designed by Wendy Haworth Designs and the outdoors was designed by Shrader Design, it takes you away from all of your stresses and transports you to a dreamland of design.

And the food is even better!  Dare I say some of the best food I have ever eaten.  Not fancy or complicated, just filled with flavor, love and a ton of plant based deliciousness.  Oh an cashew creme cheese for dayyyyyys.  We would bathe in this if we could.  They have a beautiful Rose by the glass and pair that with some Flautas or Plantains and Gorditas or Roasted Cauliflower and you are on cloud 9,000,098.


Speaking of Rose.  You may be an obsessed follower of The Fat Jew on Insta or White Girl Problems on Twitter like we are....constantly tagging each other and friends in the posts.  But what you may not know and absolutely should is they got together to start a wine brand!  Yup our favorite social media people are now starting our favorite beverage line, White Girl Wines!  

We have been on the waiting list for White Girl Rose for months now and can't seem to shake our obsession, checking their site over and over to see when it will finally be released.  Their tag line alone will make you fall in love #thisissous. We can't wait to try it and gift it to our BF Gregory Arlt...a fellow Fat Jew lover and wine connoisseur.

After a little date night between Jinxies calls for a stroll and paddle boat ride on Echo Park Lake.  The once run down and toxic lake has been turned into a complete oasis for LA city.  The lake has been renovated and restored with giant lily pads and lotus flowers floating while the walking track is beautifully filled with walking dirt and pebble filled cement.   They created a perfect (and protected) habitat for the birds of LA so on any given day you get to gaze at Heron, ducks, geese and other native small birds happily living on their own island.

One of our favorite East side restaurants, Square One, has opened a small and yummy cafe in the boat house. Grab a home made pastry, veggie club sandwich and enjoy some amazing jam from the yummy Sqrl while watching the gorgeous fountain shoot in the air with DTLA as its backdrop and boaters pass by.

This week was so filled with perfect moments and things we love, we can't wait to see what next week brings us for new A Few Things posts.  

xoxo TWH

The Fat Jew Insta

The Fat Jew Insta

PS All pics taken from amazing sites...unfortunately Square Space crashed twice so we were unable to properly tag owners.  Sorry..no pics owned or taken by us.