Bye Bye Boooobies

Hip Mama

Hip Mama

This week was a roller coaster.  I officially stopped breast feeding.  My goal was to make it to the year mark and I was lucky enough that I was able to do so.  After the year mark passed I kept going for my daughter but also for myself.  For me, it is such a beautiful be able to feed a child with something I make just for her.  The snuggles are the best and I am the only one lucky enough in my house to get to do it.  I knew the end was coming,  I had done it for 18 months and it was time.  It was a personal choice for me with a few different reasons.  So why was I so sad about stopping? I didn't have to and she would have just kept going...she loved it, the warmth, the bonding, the snuggles.  

Drive-Thru (I was parked...)

Drive-Thru (I was parked...)

But I am happy and sad about it.  Sad that that moment is over and if this is my last child, it is over forever. But happy for vanity's sake.  I can now go get the laser treatment I want and drink more than a glass of wine or use latisse and have maca in my smoothie.  Are those the right reasons?  I can't decide.  I can't even get myself to throw away all the bottles of extra pumped liquid gold I made!  But I know its such a big moment and I did a great job!  

Please know...this is not a post about whether or not it is the right thing to breastfeed or use formula.  That is your choice to make for yourself and your baby if you are lucky enough to have that choice.  It is simply a rant about the beauty of it.   We would never ever judge anyone on their decision and choices of how to feed their baby.  The same way we would never want to be judged about choosing to breastfeed.

We have both been lucky enough to be able to feed our babies with our own milk, straight from the tap.  And you better believe there were moments in public when those boobies came flapping  out (yes thats the reality...after the lovely fullness when you first start the "mom boob" sets in...the bounce becomes a flapping) to feed our crying bunnies only to be shamed by others.  Yes, there were moments when we had to forego total discretion to help our hungry and upset helpless babies but we always respected other peoples feelings about seeing our breast and did our best to use some sort of cover.   Its not even a boob, its a breast.  Made for 1 thing (2 if you ask our husbands) to feed a baby.  

Why is it looked at as gross?  There is nothing more natural or beautiful about a mother nurturing and nourishing her child with her own body.  There is nothing sexual or deviant about a baby needing and using its mother and her body for what it was made for.  Why is it frowned upon?  Why do fellow mothers and fathers cover their children's eyes and turn their heads when they pass a mom feeding her baby.  Sure it can be distracting but it shouldn't be.  It is no different than a baby getting fed with a bottle.  It is just as innocent.  We have never, to this day seen a woman pull her full breast out, let it hang around for all to see and laugh at people passing,  but what we have seen is a mom trying to feed and soothe her hungry and upset baby with out offending any one.  Oh and PS the nipple goes in the babies mouth so only the skin is showing.  And for that matter we would like to ban crop tops and short shorts.  Just kidding!  We actually dont care :)

After reading a lot about it we found out that America is the only country where it is looked at as sexual or controversial to breast feed in public, the only place in front of the US is the middle east and that is purely part of their religion and culture that a woman must be covered. The "land of the free" is hardly that.  While it is totally legal to breast feed in public (yes there are actually laws to protect a woman and her baby)  women are still harassed for doing it.

Bravo to all the women in the public eye using their celebrity to celebrate the wonders of being a mother and the pure innocent nature behind breast feeding.  It is time to love women and how amazing our bodies are and the wonders we can do with them.  

So whether you do or do not breastfeed just remember (especially as women!) our bodies are pure beauty and magic.  We are made to do 1 thing... make babies and nurture them (OK 2 things...the other is run the world) so lets all celebrate ourselves and other women.  When you see a mama struggling to feed her screaming baby milk from her own body while trying not to accidentally flash and "offend" a stranger, give her a nod, smile and help if she needs it.  She's just trying to raise the future...just like you or your mom.

xoxo TWH