Social Hour

Hey party people! 

We are all packed up and heading to Las Vegas!  The perfect place for a little TWH getaway and maybe a concert or 2 :).  While we pack up 2 boys, a bunch of kids and ourselves we couldn't quite get the perfect post you guys deserve...I know right?!?  Who do we think we are?  Just that... we are hard working mamas, friends, wives and bloggers with barely enough time to edit our overly stuffed suitcases.

We are so far from perfect its funny, but like all of you we try so hard.  Maybe not for perfection but for our perfect pressure right?  So let's all give ourselves a hug, a break and a big ass high five...because we deserve it!  

Now for the good news!  We can all still K.I.T with each other while we are gone for 2 days...yup...we are back Monday all shiny and refreshed (as refreshed as you can be after a weekend in vegas).  But until then lets all hang out...follow us on all of our other accounts!

a life over seas

a life over seas

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