Secrets of a hairdo junkie!

If you have ever met me, chances are you have already noticed that my hair changes about as much as the weather. I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to sit with the same look for too long. It may be crazy, but I just LOVE to mess with my hair. 

Mieke age 16 first full head home bleach job! 

Mieke age 16 first full head home bleach job! 

Over the years I have definitely damaged my hair. I have colored it, bleached it, over processed it, home box colored it more times then I can remember, curled it, straightened it, cut it to every length and had it break off right in my hand. (This was after a very bad home bleach job in the late 90's.. Thank God baby bangs were in then.) 

Needless to say, I have learned some pretty interesting lessons from all of these trials. I have had success and I have had failures that ended in tears. Let me share some of my favorite hair care secrets. 

1. Brass Monkey!

Recently, I learned that Moroccan Oil will turn your blonde hair brassy. I don't know why I never figured this out on my own, but my hair dresser Jorge Serrano told me all about it.  He found out I was applying it 2-4 times a day and told me to switch to a colorless oil. 

Now to be very clear, Moroccan oil is an amazing product and if you are a brunette, you can apply all day and it will only make your hair soft, moisturized and leave you smelling like a dream. 

But, because of the Amber Oils that they use to make this heavenly blend, a blonde, especially a cool blonde (Cool blonde is more blue or lavender based and has more of a white or ash tone) 

Grace Kelly queen of the cool blondes. 

Grace Kelly queen of the cool blondes. 

This Amber oil will attach to your hair shaft and start to stain it, therefore turning your blonde warmer and more brassy. If you are a blonde and you pay a lot of money to be a blonde, you would know that brass is the enemy.

This is usually why your colorist will "tone" your hair after putting in highlights a toner is a low peroxide deposit used only to neutralize unwanted tones like yellow or orange by counteracting those tones with opposite colors on the color wheel. Sounds confusing because it is! If you have ever tried to go from blonde to brown and accidentally ended up with green hair (Guilty) it is because hair color is science and we are not scientists! 

But all that aside, If you are a blonde, buy a clear hair oil! Save your pretty cool blonde locks. You can try Moroccan Oil Light which is supoused to be formulated for blonde hair, or try this beautiful oil Essence of Absolue from Shu Uemura. It is a total splurge but it nourishes and protects against UV rays which can also damage your color. 


Another clear oil that we love and is easily more pocketbook friendly is.... Coconut Oil! Our old friend coconut oil is good for just about everything you can imagine. Including your dry thirsty hair. Waring... Less is more when it comes to using coconut oil in your hair, a tad too much can look over greasy so start with a small amount and work in more if you need. 


2. Breaking point. 

Did you know that everytime you throw your hair up into a quick ponytail or a messy bun you are breaking strands and damaging the follicle with the constant tension. Do you know the first area to show the long term effects of this ponytail addiction? THE HAIR LINE!! Your hair lie will loose hairs and start to recede, you may already have noticed this happening around your temples and behind your ears. 

But hope is not lost, because now they have hair ties that are gentle on our locks. Emi Jay hair ties are made out of stretchy silky fabric that will not stress or break your strands.  

A few more tips to fight breakage and follicle stress... 

Put your hair up in a variety of different styles, don't always wear the same top knot every day. If you switch between a low braid, a high pony and a top knot then the hair is pulled in different places instead of constantly stressing the same areas. 

Never put you hair up or braid it when it is wet... I know this is hard because you can get the best braids with wet hair... But a wet strand of hair is easier to break. 

Are you getting enough protein? If you are not eating right your hair will suffer! Our favorite protein fix? Nuts! Almonds and Cashews are both loaded with protein and healthy fats... Plus fiber and they are delicious. 

Trim, Trim, Trim... If you are not getting regular trims your hair will continue to split. Even if you are trying to grow your hair out try and keep up with regular maintenance. Healthy hair grows faster, it is a fact. 

3. Dry out. 

Thankfully over the last few years it has become widely known that you should not wash your hair daily. Experts suggest every three days is best to keep the natural healthy oils in your hair. 

Over washing, much like over styling can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. 

Can't stand to go three days without washing your hair? Maybe dry shampoo can help. 

This amazing product from TIGI sprays on and absorbs the greasy look, while leaving the nurturing oils your hair needs. This particular brand is the one our hairdresser recommends, but their are so many wonderful dry shampoos. 

When you do wash your hair, use warm or cold water because hot water will also cause your hair to dry out. 

Try and squeeze the water out of your wet hair instead of rubbing it with a towel, like we mentioned earlier wet hair breaks much more easily. 

Drop the hot tools!! Every once in a while let your hair dry naturally and skip the flat iron or curling iron. give your hair a vacation from the heat. 

But most importantly, the biggest tip is to relax... It is just hair and it will always grow back. Everything can be fixed! Take it from a girl who has had more hair mis-haps then most... It's ok to cry but always take the chance with your hair. Nothing is more fun then playing with a new look.

Do I have a psychological problem, sure I might. But I can not thank my hair gurus enough for putting up with me all these years. Always there to talk me through my crisis or give me advice. Always there for a color correction or to fix it when I give myself a bad haircut. (Yep, have done that too!) Thank you to every hairdresser that has ever saved me... But especially to my loves... Ruby Weiser, Danillo & Jeorge Serrano... You guys make my heart go BOOM BOOM BOOM! Thank you for pretending to be interested in all my dumb questions. 

Ruby Weiser, Danillo, Jorge Serrano & Mieke with virgin untouched hair at age 12

Ruby Weiser, Danillo, Jorge Serrano & Mieke with virgin untouched hair at age 12

My biggest thank you goes out to my husband Tom.... The poor man never knows what I am going to come home from the salon looking like... But he always tells me it looks great! (Even when he's lying) Thanks baby! 

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