Dear Daylight Savings time.... REALLY??

Dear Sir, (It obviously was NOT a mom who started this insanity in the 1800's...oh and dads worked while moms were at home but if it was now we would have said...'Dear Sir OR Madame'  

Your idea of daylight savings was a novel one at that was not fully thought out.  One that didn't look towards the future but only to benefit people right in your immediate time frame.  Sure we use less energy during the day which is great for the environment and our bills,  sure retailers benefit with an extra hour of daylight for people to shop...

But here are a few negative effects it has on adults not to mention kids... um try putting the kids to bed when its still a bit light out!  Not fun.  And have fun that week or 2 of you and the little bunnies missing that hour and trying to adjust.

1. Increased car accidents- 17% increase of accidents the Monday after DLST

2. Cyber Loafing- i.e. lack of motivation and focus

3. Sleep Disruption for weeks

Moms and dads, we are here for you!  Here are a few great ways for adjusting to DLST.  (I can't even say the whole word today because there is not enough coffee in my body to make up for the lost hour...and hours because my 4 year old didnt wake up an "hour later"  she woke up at her normal time which was actually an hour earlier...)

- Our friends at the Pump Station have a small but helpful post to help your babies

Wiki has a few tips for us (but #1 is just not going to make it in my book)

- The Bump

If nothing works (like it didn't for us) then grab an extra tea or coffee in the am and a beautiful bath, chamomile, wine or Zzzzquil at night...and know that we are feeling your pain.

And there is actually 1 great thing we LOVE about extra hour to play outside with the kids!