We have huge news!

We are so so excited to tell you... !  

   We are so jinx ...again!










April Fools!  Ok sorry if we got you.. I actually got excited as I typed it.

As if you couldn't tell we love a good April Fools joke and now that we have kids its even better.  Cue evil laughter...

We scoured the innerwebs for our fave ones...you're welcome.  

We love this first one for ease of prank with a big payoff and little repercussion.

Add a little food coloring to your morning milk, shake it and watch their faces when they pour it over cereal or in coffee.

Speaking of cereal,  pour a bowl of cereal and cover it with milk.  Throw it in the freezer until its solid, then when they are ready for their cereal, pour a tiny bit of cereal and milk over the frozen one and serve.  Perfection! 

Im a little jealous that I haven't done this yet...again its insanely easy with a payoff of smiles. Fries and Katsup??  They will be so happy that you are letting them have fries!  Wait until they realize its really just apples and jelly.  Bwaaaahahhhaaa haaaaa!

(Apple) Fries and (Jelly) Katsup

Leave it to Google to turn their Google Maps into Pacman for today only.   Nope this is not an April Fools joke....  Go here and look at the lower left side for the Pacman icon


I dont know why this one made me laugh so hard (I admit it took a few minutes)  but its genius.  And mean.  Put out a bowl of skittles, M&Ms and Reese's pieces...and wait.

People will be bummed!  Probably works best with adults because to kids its just a bowl of sugar.   Don't get it?  Wait for it...wait for it...imagine grabbing a handful of these and thinking they were M&Ms...think about chewing it all up... There we go!

Ok so its too late to buy theses for this year but do yourself a favor and grab some for next.  

This place is like Target so be careful...you will definitely spend way more than you want.  

eed more ideas?  Head over to April Fools Zone for incredible office jokes that work for all kinds fun.

Get out there and have fun!  

xoxo twh