Barely Famous....but totally amazing!

Today is the day.  The day you realize we are really really good at picking out what to watch on TV.  You know,'s that rectangular thing that is not your phone.  We found a show that will actually make you put your phone to charge and not look at it...even once!  

Barely Famous is so incredibly funny and satirical I laughed out loud so many times it annoyed my cats and they one by one left the bed looking at me as if they were embarrassed by my outbursts (cue crazy cat lady comments)  

It is written by the insanely talented Erin Foster (The Circle..she will kill me for putting that, the OC and Still Waiting as well as wrote for The New Normal, Candidly Nicole & Hello Giggles)  who also stars in it along with her equally talented sister, Sara (The Big Bounce, 90210, DEBs).  Not only are these girls funny and incredible on screen but they happen to be ridiculously gorgeous not sure in what world this is fair....Oh side bar?  Sara is an amazing mom...not the kind that is amazing because they have a bunch of people working and raising their kids but the real kind.  So you can hate them (in a loving not jealous way of course!)

Their "anti-reality show/fake documentary" is based on the Reality TV culture we are all living in right now and how people are famous for being famous.  The Fosters are the but of the joke,  each scene more cringe worthy than the next.  Its like a mash up of The Comeback, Curb Your Enthusiasm and everything on Bravo.   

With their bevy of celebrity friends starring along side with them and becoming part of the joke themselves, the show focuses on dating, setting up fake paparazzi run ins and the struggle to remain "famous for nothing".  Its kind of like what the Kardashians are all about but funny, fake and these girls are actually talented and hard working. 

One of my favorite reviews...not because its glowing but its so well written...ok that and its glowing.  So is this one... now that we think of it ALL the reviews are glowing.  

So do yourself a favor...invite the friends over,  turn on VH1 tonight at 9:30/8:30c  and have yourself a laugh...or 100.

Cant wait?  Watch the Super trailer here

xoxo have fun!  let us know what you think