I see a nude lip and I want to paint it red...

Long have i been a fan of the red lip. I remember when I was growing up, my older brother had a girlfriend who was half white, half asian and she had pale skin with little freckles and she always wore matte red lipstick. I thought she was SOOOO pretty. 

So, I went in my bathroom and tried some on myself... I was feeling pretty cool when I came out into the living room.... I remember my brother laughing and saying... "You can't wear red lipstick! Your lips are too big it looks slutty." Yes he actually said that and yes that silly comment made by a big brother teasing his little sister stuck with me for years. I always thought to myself.... "You can't do a red lip." I stuck with nudes, glosses, Black Honey by Clinique and a brief affair with Revlon's Toast Of New York. (Everyone was doing it.) 

Cut to my 30's and i was like... I don't give a F!!!!!

Now I can't get enough of colorful red, fuchsia, and pink lips. I like to think of it as me "making up" for lost time.  Although, because I am semi new to the colorful lip game, I never knew how to make it stay on. After about an hour or so, my lipstick would have disappeared and I would be left looking like... Sad Girl. 

Enter one of our favorite people on the planet Earth. Erin and I are so lucky to call this fella our dear friend because; 

A. He is amazingly funny and the king of a good pun. 

B. He is crazy talented at what he does and is sweet enough to sometimes work his magic on us. 

C. Even though he works in a crazy superficial world, he is one of the most real and down to earth people we know. 

D. He gave me lipstick that actually stays on my lips!! 

Ladies and gents, Mr. Gregory Arlt. 

Gregory is the director of makeup artistry at Mac and is also a fantastic award winning makeup artist. (2015 Hollywood Beauty Award for Best Makeup Artist.)

I met Gregory for a glass of rosè and possibly a plate of french fries the other day and he gave me some fantastic colors from Mac. (Lucky me!) 

The most amazing thing about these colors is that they actually stay on. I can eat and drink and talk for hours and my lips are still red. To a relative beginner like me this in itself is magic, therefore Mr. Arlt must be a wizard of some sort. 

My two favorite colors are; 

1. Damn Glamorous 

Damn Glamorous at Mac

Damn Glamorous at Mac

The perfect summer red. Not too dark, not to orange and just matte enough to make it last. 

Perfect for the all american girl look... Just add a stripe shirt and some denim cut offs and your chucks. 


2. Fashion Revival 

I was told by the professional that this was "An evening lip." I really love how it is the perfect combo of dark and bright. I wore a green jumpsuit the other night and this color was the perfect compliment. 

My favorite way to wear a bright lip is with a pretty nude face. Less makeup everywhere else lets the lip color be the star. 

Experiment with different makeup looks, you don't have to stick with the same thing that always works for you. It's a big world of color out there. Grab some! 

XOXO- Things We Heart