Today was a day and tonight ended with wine...

Dear mamas (and daddies and caretakers alike),

This is a love letter to you.  A letter to say thank you, you are awesome, you are amazing, beautiful and you are you.  A letter to say, take a deep breath, you are raising our pressure or anything :).

 We see you, we know how incredible, how beautiful, how rewarding, and how hard raising kids is.  We see you,  we know how much you can lose yourself, your identity, your style and your sleep.  We see you take deep breaths, laugh, cry, shake, giggle, coo, kiss, turn red, and gaze in amazement.  We see it and we want to say,  YOU ARE YOU and you are wonderful.  Take a breath, look in the mirror and see that you are raising the future...then see you. It is hard and wonderful.  Beautiful and insane.  Fun and challenging.  Exhausting and electrifying.  

Today was a rough one, literally  24 hours of roughness.  There were no breaks (except my nails and a little of my heart) there was no time to do or think other than use my brain as mental daily planner.  "coffee...breakfast...pack lunch...change the house stuff...give a stuff...snack pick dinner...give a nap...make new board games...color while cooking...dinner...baths...night night...clean"  And that was leaving out (ALL) the tantrums, insane amounts of crying and the best giggle contest in the car and the most fun tickle fight at night night. Oh and that was also leaving out the heart and soul of our family because he was working all day so luckily I didnt have to worry if I was giving him as much love, snuggles and coffee as he deserves.  

I was in the grocery store putting my crying 4 year old in the big part of the cart because she "changed her mind about wanting to walk" while the tiny one struggled to escape either my energy or her sisters crying or just wanted a berry from the display.  I heard a voice behind me and I swear it was an angel, or just my beautiful mom friend from preschool...saying "You need a's fucking hard."  Then she continued, "I saw you from behind and said 'oh that poor mom' then I saw your kid and knew you needed a hug"   

And thats all I needed.  A hug.  A reminder that it IS ok,  that life isn't perfect,  what we see on TV and magazines and interviews is ALL fake and orchestrated and that I am doing an incredible job and I am not alone in this.  

We are all raising the future together.  We are all trying our best to not make our kids nuts.  We are all in this together.  We got you.  Oh and we got you wine (or tea).  

As I write, I am reminded that I would rather show my kids as much love, knowledge and life as I possibly can then spend my time worrying about if I should work out for 15 more minutes or put my makeup on differently today....both would be a gift from the heavens but so are my children (and my husband).   I will find time for me, to be me, to work on me and to stay me...I promise to do that every day so I can be the best mom I can be and the best me too.  

And they will love me even more for that...and so will I.

Take a moment.  See you...take a are raising the are rad.


xoxo things we heart