Black bedroom.... With a capital B for BEAUTIFUL!

Gone are the days of baby blues, beige, and buff being used as the B words for a "serene" bedroom.  The new power color for peaceful, chic and drop dead beautiful rooms is.... BLACK!  

Now you may be thinking..."Black?  You girls be straight up crazy"  Yes, we are but in the most fun way!   In the 90's black bedrooms probably looked like this and were reserved for angst filed goth teens or Emo vampire loving adults.  

But thanks to our dream girl, Jenna Lyons (who painted most rooms in her entire townhouse black a few years ago) black bedrooms are dreamy and sexy as can be.  

Jenna even painted the nursery..Amazing

Jenna even painted the nursery..Amazing

A few months ago, the incredibly cute and talented girl at Oh Happy Day revealed one of the most beautiful, playful and snuggly room we have ever been in love with!!!  

Now we can not stop dreaming of that swinging chair and a beautiful black room. How stunning are the pops of white?

The newest room to respark our obsession.  Its perfectly modern, warm and cozy yet still totally chic.  Now we are OBSESSED with painting our guest room!  

Love this super tailored and masculine room.

Black can be incredibly glam too.  Love the textured accents in this bedroom and how every detail pops out.

Even a super modern/minimalist room can look sexy and chic.  

Traditional kinda person?  Black works there too!

Sooooo what do you guys think?  Should I do it?  I think so and I am even more excited now.  The hardest part will be picking the perfect black!  Who's in??  

xoxo things we heart

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