Movie classics for you and your kids.

Perhaps one of the first things that Erin (my partner on TWH & soul sister) bonded on was our shared love, nay, obsession with movies.

I remember seeing The Village with her over a decade ago and both of us weeping when Joaquin was stabbed (whoops, spoiler alert.) Erin and I sat side by side for Sex in The City... 1 &2, we snuggled up and lusted after Edward Cullen together in the back of a tour bus.

Yeah, we did that... I'm not ashamed... OK maybe a little ashamed, but he really is dreamy. 

Movies are a major part of who we are and how we identify ourselves. 

Of course, no movies will ever make us feel like the movies we worshiped as kids. In this day where we are overwhelmed with movies for our own little ones some of them great, some horrible and some Sponge Bob, it is so nice to watch the classics with your kids. 

Here are some of our ALL TIME favorite movies to watch with the kiddos. 



King of all kings. The Goonies still gives us the chills. My boys LOVE this movie as much as I did when I was a kid. It has everything you could ever dream of Pirates, treasure, adventure, Bran. 



It also has the bonus of teaching your kids about friendship and tenacity. If those Goonies didn't stick together and combine their skills, they never would have made it through those caverns. They would have ended up just like Chester Copperpot. 


Man do my kids love this one! Getting to go along on Atreyu's adventures is as magical now as it was when I was young. The Never Ending story has so much suspense and excitement. 

My boys were on their feet cheering when this part came on. What could be more special then to share with your children how awesome Falcor is? I just feel like they NEED to know these things. 

Also... She is there. And yep, she is still a slice of heaven. 


We don't have time to argue with you about wether or not this was the greatest moment in David Bowie's career, but lets just say it's up there. 

Labyrinth is the story of a teenage girl who is left at home by her parents to watch her baby brother when all she really wants to do is go play medival dress up games in the park. So, of course she gives that little brat stank-eye and wishes him away to the Goblin King. 

Well guess what guys? The Goblin King is real and he STEALS her baby brother! Now she has to travel into the Goblin Kingdom and save him... BEFORE sunrise!

Yes, the Goblin King is David Bowie, and yes he has some amazing musical numbers. If you missed this one the first time around, we can not more highly recommend it.  

Moral of the story for your kids... Don't wish away your little brother or sister just because they are crying! You are going to want that kid around someday! 


I remember going to see this at the movie theater with my parents when I was little like it was yesterday. My dad does the best impersination of those creepy old creatures in the end! I remember my sister and I would run away squeeling and giggling. 

I will admit my kids are a little scared of this one. We have only watched it the once and even though I have tried again they won't go for it. That makes me sad because I always wanted to be a gelfling. 

Well, always wanted to be one gelling in particular, that is... Kira. 

Worth trying with your kids because it really is a special and wonderful movie. 


Sometimes you have to save the best for last. This is the movie that really did it, it really bonded Erin and I forever... Because;

A. We both want to be Princess Buttercup 

B. We both really, really  want to be Princess Buttercup

This movie has played and played in our home. My boys all love it even though it is romantic because it has those perfect moments when Fred Savage voices the boy fears.... He says it so they don't have to. 

The sweetest fairytale in all the lands where love conquers evil and time can't break true love. Plus they have giants, pirates, swords, magic and these guys. 

I will forever say this every time my boys all leave the house together. 

I will forever say this every time my boys all leave the house together. 

We hope you get inspired to curl up with a classic this weekend. Make movie night fun for the whole family, maybe you can actually watch something besides Frozen. 

What are some of your favorite movies from childhood? We would love to hear your suggestions so please leave a comment! 

These kids win. 

These kids win. 

XOXO- Things We Heart

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