Give.  Be kind.  Be generous.  Be love.  If we all were one of those today and changed someones day, can you imagine if we were all of those?   

When we had kids there were a few things we promised we would teach our kids that would stay with them forever and have a major impact on our future world and one of those was kindness.  Kindness to all and everything.  Don't step on bugs it hurts them, don't chase scares them, don't forget how lucky we are and don't ignore people who need you.

During the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the Holiday season it is so very easy to get caught up.  It's kind of what the season has!  

But let's take back what the season was and is supposed to be and change the future for our kids.    Let's get back to snuggling, cuddling, baking and most  

If you are reading this then you are lucky.  Lucky to have a phone, or computer or a warm place to read this.  Never feel guilty for "having" but lucky.   When I walk or drive around with my kids we always try to give to those who need it.  Money, food, spare jackets in my trunk, or just eye contact and a simple hello.   And the one question that is asked is "Why did you do that mama?"   My answer is always the same,  "Because we are lucky and they needed help.  Always help those who need it, people or animals"    Let's all be more aware of those things around us,  spread love through food, donations or just the simple act of not ignoring.   Spreading love and teaching love will change the future.  

Here's to you and yours this holidayWishing you the most loving, snuggle filled, cozy days and nights ever.   We are lucky to have you in our lives...THANK YOU!  

xoxo TWH