Cry it out!

Life often gives you lemons, lots and lots of lemons and sometimes, you can't make lemonade.... Those lemons are just too sour. We try to teach our kids how to be realistic about dealing with what life hands them. Sometimes you can make things better with your attitude, and sometimes you just need a good cry before you pick yourself back up. As adults we get that... But teaching our kids the difference between the two is not so easy. 

Is this line really so fine though? I have one boy who is SO PASSIONATE about the injustices of the world it is amazing. I love that he was born with a fire inside and is always ready to fight for whats right. I seriously love the compassion and tenacity he has to stand up for what he thinks is right. I didn't even know people were born like that until I met him! I love it. 

What I don't love is when our two very strong wills clash! For the past few weeks his battle cry has gone up about getting a kitten. Yep. Our house is at war because my oldest son wants a baby kitten and just thinks we are AWFUL... HORRIBLE... MEAN people for not running right out to get one! 

A. My husband is allergic.

B. We have a puppy! Walk the puppy. Clean up after the puppy. Feed the puppy. Enjoy your puppy! 

I tell you, the campaign for a kitten is being sung from the rafters of our house! We have lots of pouting and big old crocodile tears going on these days. We have lots of long winded dissertations on why now is the appropriate time to adopt this kitten. He even makes valid and compelling points! (The nerve!) 

So, Kitty-Gate 2015 is just an example of what a 9 1/2 year old throws at you thats different then what a 4 year old will throw at you. 

Of course the little ones have fits too... I just feel more capable of handling them... I can distract with kisses and snuggles. Or we can firmly talk to them about why they CAN NOT act like that and somehow, it seems like I (mostly) have that ground covered. Usually when my younger two act up... They are hungry, tired or need some one on one attention. I got this!

Being a mother is full of different stages and you are always being thrown curve balls. You have to learn on your feet and you have to sometimes mess up to figure out how to do it right next time. 

I just want my kids to know the difference between what is worth a real deep, from the belly cry and what is just a passing minor issue. How do we teach them that? How do we be respectful of the issue that seems bigger then the world to them and yet still hold to our guns? 

We know the answers to these questions... It's show them how much bigger the world is then our problems. Try to let them see how fortunate they are to live in a home with two parents that love them and enough food in their bellies and a warm place to lay down at night. 

To take the compassion that our children were born with... Take that fire inside their hearts and help them direct it things they should be fighting for. 

And sometimes... To just hug them while they cry a deep belly cry for the thing that seems so minor to you... Because to them it is so, so big. 

All photos in this post by the amazing Jill Greenberg who is talented beyond talent and who we will always love for capturing these emotional images. 

Thank you for reading through our musings. It feels good to have a place to work out our feelings and talk about those moments where this job and gift of Motherhood just feel so big!