Happy Halloween!!!!

We finally are here, Halloween Weekend and we have a few tips for you on how to get through the weekend unscathed! 


1. If you are going out without the kids.... Don't forget to eat before you go.... And try and gave glass of water between every cocktail... Because while your sexy nurse-policeofficer-firefighter-NinjaTurtle costume may look great at the beginning of the night it's not going to look so good with vomit down the front. Take it from us, sadly we have been there. All take your Advil when your home followed by a big glass of water, because tomorrow is Sunday and those kids wake up early! Oh and get an Uber!! 

Lady Gaga as Lady Ganja- We actually love this. 

Lady Gaga as Lady Ganja- We actually love this. 

2. Don't sweat the small stuff... So your little one has been talking about being a Vampire for months and you have the costume all ready and then right before you are going to get ready for your trick-or-treating he decides he wants to be a Cowboy instead. Don't get mad, just go  with the flow. Kids don't care if they just changed from a perfect costume into a modge-podge of thrown together madness... It's the parents who get hung up on it. I have had countless years of fighting this exact scenario with my three boys, only to learn at this point to just LET IT GO... Halloween is all about getting crazy and being Mario one day and a hybrid Cheeta/Tiger/Vampire the next is pretty dang cool for a 5 year old. Here are a few of our greatest hits over the years.. Home made, store bought, thrown together in 15 minutes.. It all works. 

3. The Switch Witch- Now I know this is a little controversial, and some of you think it's mean or that your kids would never go for it.. But we have been doing it for over 8 years and it works SUPER well for our families. What is a Switch Witch you ask? Well, I know its been co-opted by the same duo that made Elf on the shelf and honestly I'm a little P.O'd because that Switch Witch that ALL OVER TARGET has nothing to do with the one that comes to my house. 

Our Switch Witch comes on Halloween Night. We gather all our candy, from Trick-Or-Treating and from left over giveaway candy and I let me boys pick 10 pieces each. We put those away and they can have one or two a day till it's gone. Then we take all the rest of the candy... And their is A LOT and we put it in a big black plastic cauldron we have.  Before bed we go outside and do a magical dance calling the Switch Witch down from the sky. There may or may not be some chanting and an African Ant Eater Ritual Dance. 

That night while the boys are asleep the Switch Witch comes and takes the candy, because that all she likes to eat.. Sugar, and let me tell you you should see her teeth! Scary. Like worms living in their scary. And in exchange for all the candy she leaves each sou a gift. Always a book with a note from her inside for each one and then a pretty awesome toy as well. 

My kids are totally into it and honestly it's one of the parts of Halloween they look most forward to. I don't know if it's because they started it so young or what but they never get mad about giving up their candy in exchange for a little magic and a gift. The best thing is I can't sneak candy all the time like I have been all week. 

* I actually leave the cauldron full of candy out on the front steps and late at night the teenagers without costumes come and take it all and they never smash our pumpkins. It's like our peace offering. :)  

Although Erin and I have different Switch Witches as well... Maybe she is like the Tooth Fairy and every house gets a different one, because lord know our Tooth Fairy isn't leaving $10 a tooth like some of our friend Tooth Fairies do. (Thanks friends) 

TBT Things We Heart 

TBT Things We Heart 

Happy Halloween! Be safe, Have fun & Enjoy the moment