Fancy Camping = Glamping

The Urban Dictionary states, 


Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It's like regular camping , but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. Glamping isn't done by usual outdoor types who climb mountains.

This sounds about right to us. While we love the great outdoors, we also love pillows & private bathrooms! Go ahead and scoff, we don't care.  The only tent we want to sleep in is the magical kind from Harry Potter that are deceptively dialed in inside. 

To us glamping is the perfect family vacation. The kids still get to run around exploring and getting dirty, our husband gets to build a fire and we get to decorate our own little cabin. Now that is Heaven! 

This weekend will be our annual trip, and since it isn't our first time at the rodeo, we thought we would share a few sure fire tips on what to bring along to make your vacation amazing and seamless. 

Your packing list should include the boring basics... 

*Disposable plates & utensils (Sorry Mother Earth, we got you the rest of the year) 

* Cooking pots, pans & cooking utensils

* Dish soap, sponge, dish towels

* Bath towels

* Camping chairs & firewood

* Sunscreen

Those are the basics... But now for the frills! Our favorite part of this trip is making up a cozy little oasis for our families to chill and to do that you are going to want to bring along a few extras. 

These Gerson lanterns have such a great retro vibe and your kids will love to carry them around they come in red or green. 

The Colman propane stove is a must have especially if you have dietary restrictions or kids that are picky eaters. 

Our mexican blanket collection just won't be stopped. We are absolutely in love with Tribe & True and their selection. You can throw them over picnic benches, spread them out for a picnic or bring them down to the beach. Plus they make everything look prettier. 

Stay snuggly in the Polar Stuff sleeping bag onsie. We can't tell you how obsessed we are with these. 


The Fly: watercolor by  SleepyBowie

The Fly: watercolor by SleepyBowie

If you couldn't tell already we are also not the biggest bug fans, we don't want to hurt them... We just want them to stay far, far away from us. Tired of the boring citronella candles, we love these pretty terra-cotta pots from Williams-Sonoma. On the complete opposite side of the aesthetics coin is Murphy's Mosquito Candle and although this packaging actually hurts us, this product is legit in so many ways. Not only is it completely DEET free, it is made with blend of numerous essential oils to keep away mosquitos. When you factor in that a portion of the price of each of these candles goes to Nothing But Nets a charity that helps in the fight to prevent Malaria in sub-Saharan Africa this candle is pretty F-Ing beautiful. 

Now even very good people can be very bad people. Once the kids go to bed, gather the parents by the fire and play one of our favorite games ever, Cards Against Humanity! 

So bad... But so, so good. 

Nothing says summer to us like a peach and white whine sangria. So whip up a pitcher and watch the sun go down. You're going to need a pretty pitcher for that beautiful sangria, and why not make it unbreakable. 

Speaking of unbreakable, as all you mamas know our kids are far from it! If you are a helicopter mom like we are then this is the first aid kit for you! Don't leave home without it. It may not be pretty, but it sure has you covered in pretty much every event imaginable... And even the ones your boys get into that you could't even imagine were possible. 

If you need me this weekend, you know where i'll be. 








Mother's Day Gift Guide (from real moms)

All mommies love their bunnies...

All mommies love their bunnies...

She made you, she loves you, she created your world and she drives you crazy.  She would give you her heart, life and soul and she drives you bonkers.  She is your mama.  The one and only.  Once upon a time she was your everything, she was your goddess, your angel and your guardian. She loves you more than she loves herself....and she drives you up a wall.  She is your mommy.  She hasn't slept since you've been born and is a coffee addict now, she would gladly be sick instead of you and she makes you want to scream sometimes.  She is your mom....your best friend, your world maker and dream shaper.  



If you are lucky enough to have a mom (of any kind) show her your love and appreciation on the one day a year that was created to be all hers.  We curated a gift guide from us sleep derived, madly in love, hard working, shower lacking, lunch making, yell inducing, snuggle filled mamas to all of you and yours out there. 

  1. Personalized Stationary-  Who doesn't need this lovely personalized stationary from Piccolo Paper Co on Etsy?
  2. Gold Coffee Press- You made her reward her with gold from Bodem
  3. Hammock- Let her know you know she needs a nap/break/quiet time with this dreamy hammock from Anthropologie
  4. DIY flowers (peonies...duh)- Go to a flower mart (way cheaper than anywhere) grab her faves, wrap it up in kraft paper....voila!
  5. Pretty Robe (yes again)- Seriously you could give us 1000 satin kimono robes and we would still love another.  Who needs lingerie or sweats when you have this??
  6. Apothecary- Everything about this gorgeous product from French Girl Organics is perfection.  Love this Mothers Day II set so much 
  7. Succulent Candle/Jar- Hello cute candle in Rosewater that can be used as a jar later!  Thank you again, Anthropologie or being our dream store
  8. Love Ring- We have a dreamy LOVE ring like this and it is by far our favorite gift ever!  Here is the one that started all the others by Sydney Even
  9. ChatBook- This is the cutest easiest gift ever that every mom will cherish!  Chatbooks takes all of your Instagram photos (you can delete the ones you dont want her to see) organizes them and turns them into high quality, non cheesy 6x6 books!  And for $10!!!

PS All moms love a good DIY...especially one that she can look at daily.  We are LOVING this simple and lovely wall hanging from HomeyOhMy!  All items can be picked up at your local craft store

I am actually making this with my mom! (lets be honest she will probably make it and I will drink wine with love in my eyes)

I am actually making this with my mom! (lets be honest she will probably make it and I will drink wine with love in my eyes)

And wrap up your gift of choice with this yummy printable tag from our favorite DIYer, Almost Makes Perfect.

So pretty and chic

So pretty and chic

What ever you do or give (moms seriously don't need anything but love and thanks) make sure your mama knows she is loved and appreciated!  

WE LOVE YOU MAMAS! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  (it should seriously be every day but we will let that slide)

xoxo TWH

Gifts that give back- pt.1 (gifts for the host, outdoor lover or kid)

The holiday season is filled with so much goodness if you just look around.  The twinkling lights, crisp air, kids hopeful faces in the crazy isles at Target, family and friends reconnecting,  and tables filled with warm food and presents.   That goodness is something we are all so very lucky to have.  Not only blessed but very lucky.  We were born into families, countries, cities, and castes where we were allowed the opportunities to live freely, work, gather and dream of lives we can create.

But as we look around at all of the cheer we are left thinking of the hundreds of millions of people around the world that were not afforded this same luck.  Women and children forced into slave labor, children who don't know where their next meal may come from, barren forests and jungles that were destroyed but our love of meat and palm oil, and kids fortunate enough to go to school but left with no supplies.  

So what can we do?   If you read our post last week about 3 incredible world changing charities, you can donate to them to change the lives and earth forever.   And since it's the season of gift giving we have put together a list of amazing items for everyone that have the power to give back.  Give directly to the people who make them, give to kids who need food, water and school supplies, give transportation to people to allow them to work faster and longer and water to countries who go without.

Here are 9 incredible gifts that give back

  1. Glitter Brut by One Hope Wines- Every bottle provides 15 meals to a child in need
  2. Brass serving set- Provides good wages and supports great working environments in Uganda
  3. JCO chocolate- This bar provides 1 fresh meal to someone who's gone hungry in Boston, NY or SF
  4. Miir bikes- For every bike sold, one is given to a person in need around the world to be able to travel faster and farther to work or school 
  5. Miir aluminum h2o bottle- Every bottle sold empowers one person with clean water for an entire year
  6. Feed Projects tote- For every tote sold 185 meals are given to school kids around the world
  7. Sydney Paige backpack- Every backpack sold, one is given (and FILLED with supplies) to a child in need for school
  8. Cuddle + kind dolls- Every doll sold provides 10 meals to a child in need for nutrition and brain development
  9. Krochet Kids beanie- Every sale provides skills, education and resources to the women who make them changing their lives forever

Giving by giving...genius!  Stay tuned for more great gifts this week.  

 P.S. You are powerful, lucky and filled with love.  

xoxo TWH