Velvet Underground...Our favorite velvet pieces for fall

Crispy mornings,  hot coffee,  opaque tights,  and snuggles by the fire...these are a few of our favorite things we look forward to every fall.  The moment we see a golden leaf fall from our favorite trees we dream about bundling up and pulling out our sweaters from the back of the closets and bathing in velvet.  Oh yes,  we said it...VELVET!  Admit it,  you loved the sound that made when it rolled off your brain.  Then you remembered these...

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

But no fear...seriously don't worry..those Juicy tracksuits are long gone.  The velvet we are talking about are the ones so stylish you won't look back at photos and cringe or look like Aunt Selma in a crushed velvet too tight dress.  The velvet we love is sumptuous, stylish and luxuriously bold.

Behold...the new velvet underground...

  • one-  Throwing this pink velvet daybed cushion in the corner of any room covered in pillows is like your own personal opium den...PINK!
  • two- This paisley velvet blazer takes your daily uniform of a tee and jeans and turns it up to 100
  • three- How pretty are these ink blue lace up booties?  See comment above..
  • four- Ditto for these embossed stunners!
  • five- Oh hello dream embroidered bomber!   We would wear you everyday
  • six- Love these velvet skinnies paired with a yummy sweater for fall.
  • seven-  Be cozy and sexy at the same time?  Yup with this rose colored body suit its possible.
  • eight-  This delicate velvet bow choker automatically up styles your outfit from day to night.
  • nine-  Seriously?!  WE NEED THIS VELVET MILITARY BLAZER!  Sorry to yell but come on!

These pieces automatically up the ante of any outfit or would you wear it?  

Happy Fall!  

xo- TWH

SWEAT(shirt)ER Weather

We still dream of having this sweatshirt and now even more..Will...our style guru forever

We still dream of having this sweatshirt and now even more..Will...our style guru forever

Most people in the US LIVE for the first day of fall...they can't wait for the first leaves that fall to the ground, pumpkin spice lattes, tights under everything... but us?  Oh we wait for it so we can wear our sweats to bed then roll to the streets like we meant it.  Nothing says fall like bed to street fashion :).  A few weeks ago we raved about our closets favorite coziest sheets to the streets items and we are on a roll.   

Look we are moms..wives, friends, shoppers, cooks, maids, cleaners, supports, hypnotists, but we are also cozy loving, fashion obsessed girls.   So what a better way to look cute night to day than a great sweatshirt!  



  1. The Great- Sweet but not sloppy..this embroidered star sweatshirt is perfect
  2. Mate the Label- Remember the tee we LOVE so much??  Here is its cozy mama
  3. Urban- Vintage french surplus sweatshirt...OUI! 
  4. Vintage- Nothing is more delicious than a vintage sweatshirt
  5. Monogram Studio- How chic is this beauty? 
  6. OC- Here it is... we are not label girls but this one is great...especially after seeing Will in it

The cutest part about rocking a great sweatshirt is what you pair with it.  Roll outta bed...throw your hair up and pair your it with great jeans...or even better some cute (faux) leather pants, sneakers and a great bandana...

Voila...insta chic and crazy cozy. Bring it on fall!

How would you wear it?


Lounging Around

google images

google images

After weeks of non stop planning, flower mart trips, balloon store visits (we are very particular about our color combos) marigold stringing, party supply renting, 3 ft balloon blowing we are ready to snuggle up, lounge about and get lost in a good book or the September Issue thats calling our names... oh wait!  We are moms, go getters, wives, women, chauffeurs, care takers, lunch makers, path runners, weight lifting ladies... we have no time to lounge but it sounds dreamy!

As soon as we got home after a 12 hour day of party prep and champagne drinking, all we wanted to do was throw on cute cozy clothes and sleep but instead we threw on old sweats and our husbands tees.  Now that's not to say that look isn't cute (because it is one of our faves) but sometimes its nice to let the sweet feminine side out with a splash of cozy.  It would be nice to think we were the girls that threw on slips and negliges but we aren't so the next best thing are cute yet cozy clothes.  Here's a few we are putting in our virtual carts right now

1  //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   // 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 

Best part of snuggling up in these?  You can wear them out the door and no one will be the wiser that you are in your jammies.

Throw on a pair of high tops, a vintage tee and an army jacket and you are ready to run around...take them off when you get home and your ready for wine...see?  We save you time and money!  Double duty living.

converse // obey  // tee

How ever you lounge just're worth it!  Relax...snuggle...


Tie you up- lovin the lace ups

Karlie Kloss via JJ

Karlie Kloss via JJ

Normally we aren't the most trendy of girls.  Sure we fall prey to the newest and cutest denim here and there and we have never met a jumpsuit trend we didn't like.  But when it comes to the latest and "greatest" from the world of trendy fashion, we tend to trust our instincts and personal style more.  We gravitate to what suits us in that moment instead of what the stores are asking us to buy.  

KILLING IT!  Love her style (Isabel Marant sweater)

KILLING IT!  Love her style (Isabel Marant sweater)

Until now...last season designers showed a ton of lace up tops, pants and dresses.  And this ode to the 70's trend is RIGHT up our hippie lovin alley.  The almost sexy but totally not slutty trend is perfect for us girls who don't enjoy letting our boobs and cleavage hang out but still want to not be totally covered up.  

Zoe Report

Zoe Report

Here are our favorites right now...

1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

  • one- Daryl K x Madewell (on sale!) love the sailor vibes. Pair it with hightop chucks
  • two- You had us at stars Nasty Gal.  The sweet/sexiness of this sundress kills us
  • three- Love the rusty floral print of the UO flow summer top.  This and denim cutoffs!
  • four- Perfect for a brunch, meeting, date...anything.  This 3 Dots dress is great for summer.
  • five- Oh Madewell.  We love you.  And stripes.  
  • six- Little sexy with a lot of style.  This denim dress from FP is perfect.  

We hope this trend stays around a bit.  It feels so good to be so cute with a splash of naughty, a hint of sexy and a lot of style with out having to do much except for change out of our sweat pants and baby daddy's old t-shirts. 

Happy Shopping!  



Bunny vibes all year long...

ICYDK we are also obsessed with Bunnycats....

ICYDK we are also obsessed with Bunnycats....

The best part about Easter (besides the egg hunts, the candy we "borrow" from our kids, and the feeling of spring in the air) is the abundance of rabbit themed things filling the isles and our virtual shopping carts.  (window shopping carts actually)

A poor lit shelfie taken at 5am in our rental that showcases our love of all things bunny.  Cake stand and jar both from IMM living.

A poor lit shelfie taken at 5am in our rental that showcases our love of all things bunny.  Cake stand and jar both from IMM living.

It's no secret we love all things bunny related.  Considering the fact that we call most little ones, "bunnies" and there is seriously nothing cuter than bunny related decor and clothing.  Now we are not talking the kind we wore as kids from Kmart but the pop version...the "why is this cool but it is so cool" version.

Here are our top Not just for Easter bunny related goodies that last all year long-

one // two // three // four // five // six

one- Mrs Mighetto is beyond an obsession in our lives.  Her stunning art prints are ethereal yet dark.  We want to buy everything she makes

two- Our love affair with Kira Kids goes way back when I found her at an indy craft fair 7 years ago and now her collab with Miffy gets us all kinds of giddy

three- And heres Miffy.  The nightlight that makes us all kinds of crazy.  We need/want/crave this all day and night for the bunnies rooms but at $230 a pop we will keep it as a secret crazy crush

four- This Anthro knob is the perfect touch for your kids rooms/bathrooms to bring a bit of whimsy

five- Need a lil light in your life?  Loving this woodland bunny night light that would look cute on any shelf in your home

six- Seriously?  This bunny head cake stand is just amazing

Hsaio Ron Cheng we are and always will be obsessed with your art

Hsaio Ron Cheng we are and always will be obsessed with your art

Whether you Easter Bunny it or not these pieces bring a little whimsy into any home and wardrobe.  Have fun with your decor!


xoxo twh







All day, everyday.... Body Suits.

What is the easiest thing to throw on with everything? A body suit! We are obsessed with these easy fitted tops right now and here are a few reasons why... 

1. The smooth silhouette allows you to wear these as tops under both baggy boyfriend jeans and flowy skirts, while still looking polished. 

2. They never ride up, so you don't have to be constantly adjusting your top. 

3. You may or may not pretend to be Cindy Crawford in front of your mirror. 


Here is a quick round up of some of our favorite tried and tested body suits. Get on this for summer and getting dressed will be a snap. (You know, because they "Snap") 

This Kimchi & Blue Surplice Body Suit is all kinds of dreamy... Soft and just slightly bloused it is perfect with your favorite jeans or cut offs for spring. Delicate enough to be a base layer, but pretty enough to stand alone. At $39 you can grab two colors and be set for Spring & Summer, we love the black and the wine. 


The halter neck body suit from ZARA adds just the right amount of sexy sophistication that you want for a night out. We love it with a loose wide leg pant to counter the sexy low back. Nervous about no bra? We will have post soon about tricks for that! But just a quick hint, Target has tons of great sticky bras that work wonders! 


The Holy Grail of the body suit world is Wolford. We are dying over this Wolford Women's Jamaika String Bodysuit... But at $195 its not really going to happen for us. Although the quality is so great that it could probably last us a life time.... If you want to splurge, do it here ladies. 

Yummy By Heather Thomson

Yummy By Heather Thomson

For a small fraction of the price, you can grab one of these by Yummy By Heather Thomson.  I have the black one and wear it every week in one form or another. 

We also LOVE this long sleeve, mock neck version for evening with a pretty skirt or daytime with a cute pair of baggy overalls. 

We are all about easy dressing... Complicated gives us hives. These bodysuits should stream line you day and make your daily hustle a little bit easier! 

Keep it classy, keep it simple. 


Spring (fashion) has us sprung! This seasons must have fashion..

It's 80 degrees in LA today.  We are not bragging but that seems to be the extent of our winter here.  We got a few cold weeks (60s) and now it's Spring!  As sad as we are to say good bye to our cuddly sweaters, tights and boots we are crazy excited to say hi to our sundresses and sun hats!   The only problem is this springs fashion lineup has us all kinds of obsessed!  

The hippies in us are dancing around like fairies in the sun and the moms in us have us envisoning easy throw on but cute clothes (bye bye uniform of leggins and army jackets!) and the best part??? The fashionistas in us have us screaming for joy!

Here are our the pieces that have us giddy this season... PS Dear Tony & Tom...we love you and you guys are the best!... please ignore next months bills.  Thank you. xo, your hard working, loving, stylish, hilariously amazing, incredible baby mamas...E&M


1 // 2 // 3

  1. The Odells- This line can do no wrong!  This beautiful voile it dress will elevate your mood and style just by throwing it on.
  2. Maurie & Eve- The sexiest shirt dress ever!  Hide that tummy while making them drool. Instant chic.
  3. The Odells- Yup!  The Odells created the perfect throw on dress.  Pair this yumminess with hightops, chunky sandals, flip flops and you are ready to go. But totally comfy and cute too. 


1 // 2 // 3

  1. The Odells- See they do no wrong!  We need this co-ord outfit in our lives!  The pieces alone are perfect and stylish but together they are incredible.  You will look so pulled together in these stunners and totally comfortable.
  2. Mara Hoffman- Oh Mara! We love you!  This jumpsuit, a wallet full of cash, and converse. DONE!
  3. Reformation- Welcome to the perfect jumpsuit.  The jumpsuit that is gorgeous and sexy but totally wearable for any occasion.  Day/night, shopping, drop off, after the gym (ha just kidding we dont have time for the day), date night...anything and with any shoe!


1 // 2 // 3

  1. Urban Outfitters- We are suckers for any kind of ringer and this sexy tank version has us freaking.  Your favorite tank but way better
  2. Mother Denim- Mother Denim we LOVE you and everything you do!  When we saw this embroidered throw on shirt we freaked!  Its so special, such a piece that you will keep forever.  And over a sundress or your uniform of leggings and a tee?  Mind Blown!
  3. Daryl K x Madewell- DARYL K IS BACK!!  The 90's fashion kid in us is dying!  We love her and her collab with Madewell is delicious.  This yummy throw on ikat top will make you look put together even if you are not


1 // 2 // 3

  1. English Factory- Hello perfect tunic dress that makes us look cute all day!  Pair this with any shoe, day or night and you my love are chic and comfortable.  This can be saved for fall too with tights?! Dream piece!
  2. Ulla Johnson- Yup!  Our dream woman has created another SPECTACULAR collection and this easy peasant tunic dress has us drooling.  Cover your mom boobs, pooch, arms (that's me talking, YOU are perfect) and you are cute, polished and ready!
  3. Mara Hoffman- No words...none! 


1 // 2/ // 3 

  1. Style Stalker- Right!??! DYING!  Dear Style Stalker...bless you.  Leo 4-ever!
  2. Zoe Karssen- Aren't we all!  This worlds needs more love and we need this tee
  3. Bliss & Mischief- Our newest label find and we are freaking. Shit happens but so does bliss! We choose at least :)

Which ones are your faves?  What are you going to be wearing for spring?  Clothes are not important but they sure are fun!  

xoxo twh


Shopping is cardio...right?

Ok, so who are we kidding?  As much as we love all things fashion... we have 5 kids, errands, school runs, writing, shopping and hopefully a workout squeezed in on a daily getting together and wearing an amazing ensemble everyday just isn't practical or comfortable when running about.  And taking time to do our hair and makeup everyday means a lot of time away from our daily lives not to mention the kids!  

And how do we squeeze in a workout and then jump in the car to get it all done and look cute doing it??  Enter the newest trend that we hope never goes away!  Gym Chic...amen!  

With companies everywhere popping up and giving us INCREDIBLE workout clothes we are in luck.   Lulu Lemon paved the way and we are so thankful.   Sure the pants from these companies range from $50-$150 (cough cough) but honestly they are an investment.  They are a do-it all pant.  We wear ours to workout, then errands, skiing, and I have been known to throw some under dresses for a sexy pant under dress look.  And so far 2 years later they are still in perfect shape!

Here are a few of our faves-

Nordstoms   newest line, Zella (rumor has it the owner used to work at LuluLemon

Nordstoms newest line, Zella (rumor has it the owner used to work at LuluLemon

Seriously???    Camo  ???   Happy Birthday to us! Thanks again Lulu Lemon

Seriously???  Camo???   Happy Birthday to us! Thanks again Lulu Lemon

LOVE   Koral

LOVE Koral

Oh   Stella McCartney  for adidas .can you do no wrong?

Oh Stella McCartney for adidas.can you do no wrong?

Victorias Secret   always has cute patterns and great prices

Victorias Secret always has cute patterns and great prices

Free People  ...we love everything about you and your workout line

Free People...we love everything about you and your workout line

Now for the order to look CIGC (Cute in Gym Clothes) you need some details...

A great denim shirt or military shirt tied effortlessly around your waist

Need.   This.   Now..

Need.  This.  Now..

And   this!

And this!

Fun trainers (no one needs to know if you did or didnt use these to work out)

So So cute!!    New Balance   you kill it every time

So So cute!!  New Balance you kill it every time

Trainers   that look great AND you can workout in...DONE!

Trainers that look great AND you can workout in...DONE!

Cute sunglasses and a worn in tee and VOILA!  

Quay  ..Quay...Quay.  We need everything you have!  

Quay..Quay...Quay.  We need everything you have!  

Work out or no work out its safe to say,  You. Worked.  It.  Out.  No one has to know :)

Image- Trend Hunting

Image- Trend Hunting

xoxo TWH

Mini Me- Holiday Edition

Ok, it's true...we LOVE us a good holiday pic where the whole family is matching in a totally amazing way.  And by amazing we mean awkwardly incredible.  


But there is just something so fun about coordinating with your brood.  Yes matching can be cool :)

In our world sequins can do no wrong...they are so beautiful that worn right you will shine like a diamond in the sun and not like a Diana Ross impersonator.

This cute gold skirt from Zara for our sweet little sugar plums screams sparkle and not princess.

Match your sweetness in this incredible piece from Urban

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 6.33.17 AM.png

Or these sexy ass cigarette pants.  Pair sequins with a toned down top like a vintage tee or chambray top and hightop converse!

Nothing says holidays like a snuggly toggle sweater.

Loving this one from JCrew

And a great piece for dad also from the Crew

If you are lucky enough to go to a holiday dress up party consider a black tux redux.  

This H&M onesie makes us squeal

And we can never say enough good things about a woman's tux jacket.  Perfect all year round

And what is winter with out a wee bit o' faux fur?

Who says boys can't rock faux?  If your dudes not into we know a certain 3.5 year old girl who would squeal to wear it. 

And while your little rocks that sweater, you can rock this beautiful jacket with jeans a tee and some stilettos...voila..Holiday Magic!

Where ever you go, what ever you do this holiday season, we hope you do it with a smile and love.  

Happy Holidays!

xoxo Things We Heart