Gifts that give back pt. 2



Nothing feels better than getting the perfect gift...well almost nothing.  Giving to someone who needs it feels better than anything in the world.  We were both brought up in homes where it was important to help another as you would want to be helped.  We were taught that everyone and everything matters, if we want this beautiful planet to stay that way there had to be love, respect and equality for all or Mother Earth would get disgruntled.   



Well this holiday season it is time to honor the one thing in each and every one of us.  The ability to love and spread love.  For part 2 in our series Gifts That Give Back we have something for everyone.  Each gift creates jobs, education, equality for all living beings, ocean protection, clean water or shelter for women in need.   All of this just for buying a beautiful gift for someone you love.   Win!

1. Minnow Skateboard By Burreo- Uses recycled fishing nets from a program they set up to create these fish scale skate boards.  Fishing nets alone create 10% of the destruction and pollution of our oceans and its creatures

2. Bloom 2 Bloom- For every bunch you buy another is donated to a woman's shelter or elderly care facility to create a more beautiful and vibrant space

3. Hand In Hand Soaps-  For every gorgeous and beautiful hand soap you buy, another will be donated along with a months worth of clean water to a child in need.

4. Soko Jewelry-  This gorgeous modern and very wearable jewelry was created and crafted by women in Kenya to help Pencils of Promise.  A non- profit created to build schools in Ghana.

5. Little Pine Restaurant-  A stunning restaurant created by the one and only Moby. One of the best new restaurants in LA, packed to the gills with foodies clamoring to get a dish of organic and plant based deliciousness.  100% of ALL proceeds goes to Animal Rights charities.  He doesn't take a penny.  He's changing the world, the planet and our future one meal at a time. 

6. Enrou Candles-  This gorgeous candle was created from hours of work all paid to directly to the woman making it.  All of Enrou's products directly supports the people and towns making them.  They believe in the power of supporting through jobs and education, not handouts. Creating a livelihood and jobs through dignified work that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

What ever you do this holiday season just remember it is more important to give than receive.  Give love, support, friendship and encouragement.  We love you and thank you for your love and support.

xoxo TWH

Gifts that give back- pt.1 (gifts for the host, outdoor lover or kid)

The holiday season is filled with so much goodness if you just look around.  The twinkling lights, crisp air, kids hopeful faces in the crazy isles at Target, family and friends reconnecting,  and tables filled with warm food and presents.   That goodness is something we are all so very lucky to have.  Not only blessed but very lucky.  We were born into families, countries, cities, and castes where we were allowed the opportunities to live freely, work, gather and dream of lives we can create.

But as we look around at all of the cheer we are left thinking of the hundreds of millions of people around the world that were not afforded this same luck.  Women and children forced into slave labor, children who don't know where their next meal may come from, barren forests and jungles that were destroyed but our love of meat and palm oil, and kids fortunate enough to go to school but left with no supplies.  

So what can we do?   If you read our post last week about 3 incredible world changing charities, you can donate to them to change the lives and earth forever.   And since it's the season of gift giving we have put together a list of amazing items for everyone that have the power to give back.  Give directly to the people who make them, give to kids who need food, water and school supplies, give transportation to people to allow them to work faster and longer and water to countries who go without.

Here are 9 incredible gifts that give back

  1. Glitter Brut by One Hope Wines- Every bottle provides 15 meals to a child in need
  2. Brass serving set- Provides good wages and supports great working environments in Uganda
  3. JCO chocolate- This bar provides 1 fresh meal to someone who's gone hungry in Boston, NY or SF
  4. Miir bikes- For every bike sold, one is given to a person in need around the world to be able to travel faster and farther to work or school 
  5. Miir aluminum h2o bottle- Every bottle sold empowers one person with clean water for an entire year
  6. Feed Projects tote- For every tote sold 185 meals are given to school kids around the world
  7. Sydney Paige backpack- Every backpack sold, one is given (and FILLED with supplies) to a child in need for school
  8. Cuddle + kind dolls- Every doll sold provides 10 meals to a child in need for nutrition and brain development
  9. Krochet Kids beanie- Every sale provides skills, education and resources to the women who make them changing their lives forever

Giving by giving...genius!  Stay tuned for more great gifts this week.  

 P.S. You are powerful, lucky and filled with love.  

xoxo TWH